Productivity with technology.

Technology advances at an alarming rate, so much so, that you can find that technology and software itself can be your ultimate side hustle sidekick. For those unsure what I mean by side hustle, this is where you can make an extra income on top of your monthly wages. Side hustles can become quite lucrative, and you can find that the money you make can help to improve your lifestyle or pay for some of the finer luxuries in life. Do you want to know what kind of tech and how it can useful when it comes to side hustles? Here’s what I think. viewRead More →

Blogger sitting on his laptop.

Blogging can be an extremely fun pass time to take on because it allows you to write about the things that you love, be in touch with like minded and other wonderful bloggers, and also have the opportunity to help people along the way with your articles and videos. However, there is a large market in the blogging world that you can make limitless amounts of money from, and if you’re interested in turning your blog into a full time career, here are some professional ways to take your blog to the next level. view full post »Read More →