The advent of flexible working means that we no longer have to spend the long August days with sweaty backs stuck to a leather office chair, sweating profusely as we try to send important emails and ensure we don’t look too shiny when appearing via video link on a conference call. We can now enjoy working from the comfort of our own home, whether that’s in a fully equipped study, lounging at the dining table or sat on the couch in front of the TV. Agile working allows us to situate ourselves anywhere so long as we are as productive as we can be. viewRead More →

Everyone has been talking about the cloud and how it’s so important for everyone to use it. It can help to make your business more cost-effective to run and make the storing and sharing of data easier. Plus, while some people might think using the cloud leaves their business more vulnerable, it can actually be used to make a company more secure. There are several types of technology you can use if you want to use the cloud to improve security for your business. Take a look at how the cloud could benefit your business and make sure it’s less vulnerable. view full post »Read More →

If you are running a company that is struggling to make the most of its productivity and best practices sometimes a major holistic overhaul is what your company needs. However, at points, there will be the fact that your business needs a major injection in it from the tech perspective, but whether it’s in relation to your staff processes or your technology there are some things to take on board so you can improve your workflow optimization. So bear these in mind if you need to improve your business quickly. view full post »Read More →

Every single business on the face of the planet has its own issues when it comes to technology. And when the latest contraption is brought to the market, or the newest approach to managing your business software such as the popular Bring Your Own Device methods, there is one major annoyance that every single person has with regards to using technology, and that is speaking to the dreaded tech support. As a general workplace aggravation, this seems to be the one relationship where the contempt goes both ways! So let’s try and break down the walls. view full post »Read More →

Startup costs tend to be pretty daunting; thankfully, the rise of business technology is making the process much more affordable for budding entrepreneurs all over the world. We’re going to take a look at the ways in which technology can be used to help small businesses grow without breaking any banks. view full post »Read More →

In recent years, business and technology have entered into a (mostly) happy marriage. The two are, in short, inseparable. No company stands a chance of making it if they don’t get technology on board. You won’t get far if you don’t tap into the world wide audience at your fingertips. Especially not when the competition is already online. view full post »Read More →

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you depend on your laptop to make it through the day. What used to be a handy tool for writing, has now overshadowed the old dusty television completely – and we need it for so much more than just entertainment. While some people are technical wizards and performed their first computer surgery already as teenagers, others tend to call these people when things go down, half-hysterical over the loss of precious pictures. view full post »Read More →

We’re more protected online than we ever have been before. But, that doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk. There are still many websites out there that claim to be something they’re not in order to steal from you. The creators may want your card details or vital information from you that could give them access to your bank account or email address. For instance, you’ve probably received emails in the past that have claimed to be from your bank or tell you you’re due a tax refund. These types of emails usually include a link to a website. view full post »Read More →

Getting machines to do the work of humans has been a goal of business for two centuries or more. Even since the first steam-powered factories of the nineteenth century, we’ve been outsourcing human labor to our technology. But it’s only recently that machines have graduated from doing repetitive physical tasks to doing things that were previously done by people. view full post »Read More →