Heavy industrial businesses used to be expensive, debt collecting enterprises that were often more trouble than they were worth. Just look at manufacturing as an example. Manufacturing businesses are regularly pushed into serious losses because clients don’t pay their bills on time. Instead, they find themselves constantly trying to manage on less money because the people that buy their products are looking after their company first. This is one of the reasons why so many manufacturing companies have closed over the last few years, and this is certainly not the only industry that has failed to modernize itself. view full post »Read More →

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It’s not every day you see a group of competitor companies agree on anything but on September 2017, Oracle joined some big name cloud companies in a movement called Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Joining companies like Amazon, Cisco, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and RedHat as the top sponsors for the Linux Foundation-based groupy that instituted the use of the Kubernetes container orchestration project and related tools. view full post »Read More →

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We’ve all heard the stories of robots replacing human employees, and it’s happening at such an alarming rate that you’d be surprised how many people are losing their jobs thanks to these machines. While it’s the perfect solution to invest in if you’re an international company with a lot of money on the line, it’s perhaps not the best idea when you’re a small to medium business. After all, fostering a healthy company culture is often more important than trying to optimise your business, but there will always come a point where the costs of starting up your business can’t be ignored. view full postRead More →

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If you want your business to be as successful as possible, you will need to spend a fair amount of time thinking about the customer. As long as the customer is happy, you don’t need to worry about the future of your business. However, keeping the customer happy can be a tricky business all on its own, and it is notoriously hard to keep up on a daily basis. If you are serious about improving your customer relations, however, you will want to approach it from all angles – and one angle which really counts is technology. Is your business using technology to its fullestRead More →

Digital marketing tools.

If your business can be found solely online, then the only way you’re going to be marketing is through the internet. Yet even when you have an office, and buy adverts on the TV and spread via word of mouth, moving to the internet is a surefire way to market successfully. Establish an online presence and you’ve won half the battle, however this isn’t enough. If you need to give your digital presence a boost, there’s a few things you can buy into or learn from to make this happen with little effort. Here’s a few recommendations. view full post »Read More →

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Passing on your gift unto others is one of the greatest feelings and motivations to success you can ever accomplish and feel. You may be experienced in the world of business, and especially setting up and running an independent business. Seeing businesses that have asked for your help transform into something quite special, is what it’s all about. Mentors have been around for centuries and centuries in countless different forms. They are the mist that drifts through society, correcting mistakes before they happen, and putting people on the right path to success. From generation to generation, skills and experience need to be passed down, soRead More →

There’s no doubt that any business that wants to survive in the modern age has to embrace digital technology. Sure, there was a time when that kind of tech was only ever used by huge companies or niche, specialist organizations. But as the internet and the technology surrounding it became a fixture in just about everyone’s day to day life, businesses had to embrace it or risk getting left behind. This can often be tough for less tech savvy business owners. Whether you’re someone whose business predates these developments, and you don’t understand why you need them, or you’re something of a technophobe with noRead More →

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No one wants to become a victim of identity theft. It can lead to so many other problems, and sorting it out can take time and cause you lots of stress. Identity theft tends to strike people who don’t look after their personal security as stringently as they probably should. Below, you can learn more about identity theft and how you can avoid it. Read on to start bolstering your personal security. view full post »Read More →