Nov 262016

In the narrow alleys of Bellandur I was awakened by the steps of people outside and the chit chat and hustle of the start of the day in India. Before sunrise, it’s usually real quiet and you can hear the cars going fast at the closest highway and the occasional noise of cars nearby. But as the sun rises the noise increases as it does the amount of people on the streets.

Nov 212016

The Symantec booth at Black Hat cyber-security conference. Symantec’s security software often comes bundled with personal computers so the company has suffered as consumers use mobile devices more than traditional computers these days. Norton antivirus, Symantec’s most prominent product is still profitable, but the company is looking for ways to keep her consumer division alive. In that sense, Symantec has just announced it will acquire U.S. identity theft protection services company LifeLock Inc for $2.3-billion, in a deal that it hopes will prop up sales at for its Norton antivirus.

Nov 192016

Eugene kaspersky mad at Microsoft Kaspersky Lab, Russian antivirus software company has accused Microsoft of anticompetitive practices and Russian authorities have started an investigation after Kaspersky’s complaint. Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab, has taken to his blog to lay out his full complaint that to some sound familiar to things we’ve heard in the industry before about how Microsoft’s grand scheme is to eventually squeeze-out its competition through sneaky tactics.

Nov 172016

Security firm Kryptowire recently discovered pre-installed software in some Android phones that secretly sends all the user’s text messages to China every 72 hours, The New York Times reported.

Nov 162016

Logo Palo Alto Networks Palo Alto Networks, Inc. is an American network security company based in Santa Clara, California. The company’s core products are advanced firewalls designed to provide network security, visibility and granular control of network activity based on application, user, and content identification. Palo Alto Networks competes in the UTM and network security industry against Cisco, Fortinet, Check Point, Juniper Networks and Cyberoam among others.

Oct 182016

Akamai Acquires Soha Systems press release The hybrid cloud and mobile usage has changed traditional methods of enabling secure access to an enterprise system and changes occur faster every day. And with that in mind, Akamai Technologies, traditionally, a CDN player, has snapped up enterprise security control company Soha to better protect and secure enterprise applications in the cloud.

Jul 092016

Avast and AVG join forces. Industry players expect more deals, as larger cybersecurity players with established revenue streams look to build out their product lines to take on a new generation of cyberthreats by acquiring other information security companies. The latest of these is security software company Avast Software announcing it plans to buy Dutch rival AVG Technologies (AVG.N) for $1.3 billion in cash to expand its presence in emerging markets.

Jun 132016

symantec-bluecoat The deal is Symantec’s largest acquisition since its 2005 purchase of Veritas Software, and the latest in a series of big steps it has taken as Symantec tries to turn around its fortunes in the increasingly competitive market for computer-security products.

Jun 042016

Online storage for files is an integral part of our life now since most of the pictures on our phones are now stored directly in the cloud. These are the most popular Cloud Storage services for when the free storage on your services run out.

May 062016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Email services including Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail have fallen victim to a hack, exposing usernames and passwords for millions of users. According to Reuters, a huge data breach consisting of some 273.3 million online accounts has been reported by security expert Alex Holden of Hold Security. All told, the data breach contains 57 million accounts for the Russian email provider, along with 40 million Yahoo Mail credentials, 33 million Hotmail accounts and 24 million Gmail accounts.