May 062016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Email services including Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail have fallen victim to a hack, exposing usernames and passwords for millions of users. According to Reuters, a huge data breach consisting of some 273.3 million online accounts has been reported by security expert Alex Holden of Hold Security. All told, the data breach contains 57 million accounts for the Russian email provider, along with 40 million Yahoo Mail credentials, 33 million Hotmail accounts and 24 million Gmail accounts.

May 012016

computer-support-family-computing Cloud servers are virtualized servers on which resources can be scaled up or scaled down accordingly, making it more flexible and, therefore, more cost-effective. When there is more demand for the files in the server, capacity can be automatically increased to match that demand. This is akin to a heating bill; you access what you need, when you need it, and then only pay for what you’ve used afterwards.
Unlike dedicated servers, cloud servers can be run on a hypervisor. The role of a hypervisor is to control the capacity of operating systems so it is allocated where needed. With cloud hosting there are multiple cloud servers which are available to each particular client. This allows computing resource to be dedicated to a particular client if and when it is necessary. Where there is a spike in traffic, additional capacity will be temporarily accessed by a website, for example, until it is no longer required. Cloud servers also offer more redundancy. If one server fails, others will take its place.

Mar 192016

oxigenio-aceleradora-sao-paulo Oxygen Accelerator, maintained by Porto Seguro, is selecting Brazilian startups to distribute investments of up to US$ 50 thousand (R$ 188,000), offering consulting with professionals in the market and spending a period of up to three months in Silicon Valley, USA. The deadline to register your startup is April 24th.

Dec 282015

It’s interesting to see the latest technologies trends from a vendor point of view. It’s clear that cloud adoption by companies is really one of the latest trends when you see the amount of vendors, not only in security, creating solutions that work from the cloud or support cloud server environments.

Dec 072015

Let's Encrypt logo Let’s Encrypt is a certification authority (CA) that provides free licenses to implement client-server connections via TLS, for example, to implement HTTPS connections on a website. This platform aims to facilitate these free certificates in a fully automatic manner, avoiding users having to perform the complex current process of creation, validation, signature, installation and renewal of certificates manually for use on construction sites safe.

Dec 062015

CloudFlare_ceo A Silicon Valley tech company is caught up in the middle of a battle between Anonymous and ISIS, the Islamic group. CloudFlare is facing accusations from hacker group Anonymous that it is helping pro-ISIS websites.

Dec 052015

The Walking Dead 8bit The Walking Dead brings together all the ingredients that a series of action needs: lots of adventure, suspense, trails breathtaking and characters full of personality. What would yield to the fans, a great video game.

Nov 152015

elastica_and_bluecoat Enterprise security firm Blue Coat Systems, Inc. has acquired CASB app/cloud security firm Elastica, Inc. for $280 million. Elastica, provides threat analysis and remediation of cloud applications had raised $36 million from Third Point Ventures, the Mayfield Fund, BYU Cougar Capital, and Pelion Venture.

Nov 122015

Virtual Machines A virtual machine is a software (program) that emulates a real computer and therefore have a hard disk, RAM, graphics card, etc. and you can run programs like a computer does. To some extent, we could see it as a partition of your computer: the real machine and the virtual machine. The difference is that while a partition has physical (hardware) other physically but not as emulation has. The partition is usually in two, but could have more than uma virtual machine inside a computer or server.