Small and medium sized business have weekly meetings and ask many questions about sales, distribution, advertisers, investors and many other enquiries of the general mood in the company. However, the one question that never leaves the agenda is what can be done to increase growth. It may seem a simple question, but the answer is so open ended that businesses can feel lost. Many try to innovate so much that they find themselves guessing what the market will do, and plan on staying ahead. The simple and most effective strategy is to, listen, research and react to customers. No one knows how a product couldRead More →

For your online business to be a success; you’ll need to ensure that you have a loyal consumer audience. Therefore, it’s vital that you’re meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations when they visit your website, and you’re reaching the eyes of your target market on a regular basis. The following are some areas to consider if your company needs a boost when it comes to engaging with and keeping, your customers. view full post »Read More →

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Things are getting easier in business. Whereas once you had to build up your own mailing lists through a long and painful process, today you can just buy them online. And whereas once you had to do all your own computing in-house, now there are literally hundreds of cloud computing companies out there more than happy to take over the management and operation of your network for you. view full post »Read More →

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A decade ago your mobile phone was just that: a phone. No eight-megapixel camera, no inbuilt ability to count how many steps you’ve done over the course of your day and definitely no apps for immediate access to your emails or bank accounts. Times have changed, and your once simple mobile phone is now an incredible gadget capable of storing sensitive financial information, your precious photographs, and personal emails. It is vital that your smartphone has the strongest security possible to make sure your private information does not end up in the hands of a mugger, hacker or cyber criminal. view full post »Read More →

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All businesses need technology in place to prevent some of the most fatal mistakes that can occur. All businesses face challenges and threats, no matter the size, and it’s more important than ever in this day and age to be aware of them. Here we have the technology you need to prevent some of the most fatal mistakes imaginable. view full post »Read More →

When you get your business plans drawn up for a new business, you spend a lot of time thinking about company growth. For some, this means being bigger and better than the competitors in the same industry. For others, it’s all about physical expansion and making sure your company is known from city to city. Whichever way you hope to grow your company, you need to plan accordingly. One of the biggest strategies most companies use in their growth is using technology to help them get there. view full post »Read More →

In the online world, the real new geographical locations are the ones that we visit everyday through our fiber connection. Much like space, the internet is growing all the time, and as storage solutions increase in size and dependability, so do server capacities. If you have a small business, a blog, or some other project that you believe could benefit from having its own space online, not tied to any other service, then you require a web hosting agency to help you get started. view full post »Read More →

Your employees keep your business afloat; treat them well, and they hold the key to a productive and motivating work environment. It’s common knowledge that the human resources of a company are the most important ones; yet, many businesses are still struggling with finding the right balance between work and play to keep them happy. view full post »Read More →