25 years of the firewall infographic by McAfee

25 years of the firewall infographic by McAfee

This 25th Anniversary of the Firewall Infographic put out by Mcafee – now part of Intel Security – creatively depicts the ‘lifetime’ of firewalls. It shows an interesting look at the evolution of the firewall technology. With each new development, Mcafee firewall thought that they had it all covered. But, overtime those new great technologies were outdone and had to be updated. The evolution of the firewall is still ongoing and Mcafee is not convinced the firewall is all grown up just because it’s been around for 25 years.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

If you take a moment to get acquainted with the history of the firewall on this infographic, you’ll notice its introduction and evolution coincide with certain security events like these:
1995: WM/Concept first virus to spread through Microsoft Word
2000: First denial-of-service attack discovered
2008: Conficker infects 9-15 million Microsoft systems

The firewall has had a great evolution, but its development and growth really occurred with each security breach discovered. These events triggered security developers to react with more and more advanced firewall technology. Here’s a snapshot:
1998: Evasions researched
2009: Native clustering for high availability and performance introduced
2012: Software enabled security introduced, making blade technology obsolete

Click here for the 25 years of the Firewall Infographic in English by McAfee.

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