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3 Benefits Of Tech You Don’t Think About

3 Benefits Of Tech You Don’t Think About

Technology, as it happens, tends to be perceived as a significant factor that makes life easier. You can book a hotel room in a matter of clicks. You can talk to someone who’s on the other side of the planet over the phone. You can save a life using something as banal as antibiotics.

When it comes to a business environment, the advantages of technology tend to relate to productivity – the first innovation of the Industrial Revolution was to decrease production time –, accessibility and safety. However, if you step away from the traditional uses of technology, you can find exciting applications that can drive your business to success without breaking the bank. Think small, practical and adaptable, that’s precisely what modern technology should be about. From a company perspective, you can use it to build a positive brand reputation that connects partners, colleagues, and customers around the same objective.

Remote workers bring new perspectives

Exciting video presentation

Introducing your company is one of the most dreaded presentations you’ll have to make. Whether it’s a board of investors, a potential client, or even a conference show, you already know that your audience is going to get bored. Ultimately, most people have a limited attention span. Listening to the story of a company fail to address their immediate interest. But you can create an exciting ‘overview’ by launching a quick video taken from a drone. The elevated position is ideal to provide a view from above, via film or photos, of your business. You can find here a beginner guide for drone if you fancy giving it a try in your premises. You’ll find that your audience will respond positively to a lively presentation.


Increase team and customer engagement

Contrary to their terrible reputation for encouraging violence, video games can, in fact, bring significant advantages by helping players to develop essential soft skills such as their concentration, social interaction and decision-making process. While you can’t send your team to video game training, you can repurpose the principles of a game to your tools. For instance, you can develop a gamification solution to keep the customer service team on track by creating rewards for solving cases. You can also engage people in everyday decisions and discussions by launching platforms where they can exchange ideas and improve their participation score. As surprising as it sounds, building your interaction systems as a game where users can level up the more they participate encourage engagement and let you take the temperature regularly.

MythMatrix Gamify Your Life-Story (Part 2) from Bryan Brey on Vimeo.

Check gamification ideas


Working with the best talents in the world

Collaborative platforms are no novelty. Most businesses have introduced platforms such as Slack or Trello to their offices. However, only a few entrepreneurs have chosen to embrace remote working options as a result. The advantage of using a platform that encourages your staff to cooperate online is that you can hire international talent on a project basis. More importantly, as you can get to run international projects that combine the expertise of a variety of contractors and employees, you can offer your customers a renewed continuously quality of products.

In conclusion, there’s more to tech than the laptop on your desk. Tech is a tool of collaboration and engagement that goes beyond the natural boundaries of business communication.


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