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3 Reasons Your Work Computer Is Painfully Slow!

3 Reasons Your Work Computer Is Painfully Slow!

We’ve all been there before, you’re at work trying to get things done, but your computer is just unbelievably slow. Literally, it sometimes feels like you waste half the day waiting for your PC to do something so incredibly simple. It’s annoying because it makes you unproductive, and that’s something no entrepreneur ever wants to be. The only good thing is that slow computers are usually only slow for a reason. Therefore, find out the cause, and you can speed your PC up once more. Speaking of which, here are a few possible reasons your work computer is painfully slow:

There Are Too Many Files On Your Computer

One of the leading causes of computer slowness is using up too much of your memory. Of course, if you have important files that you want to keep on your computer, then there’s not a lot you can do about it. However, it’s suggested you try storing things on an external device or in the cloud to free up space. More often than not, the problem really comes from junk files. These are files that serve no purpose other than clogging up space. Run a disk cleanup on your PC, and you can get rid of gigabytes of junk, freeing up space, and allowing a speed increase.


You’re Using A Slow USB Device

Most of us will use some sort of USB device or cable to connect something to our work computer. For me, it’s a simple USB stick with files on that need to be transferred between the two devices. The problem is, transferring data takes an absolute age. In reality, this may not be because of your computer. Sometimes, it’s merely because the USB device you’re using is slow. When you buy anything with a USB connection, ensure it says USB 3.0 instead of 2.0. This will mean it handles large file transfers better, and everything will be sped up. There are already plans to scrap this and bring in USB-C to all computers, but most of us will still be using models with the standard USB connection, so 3.0 is the way forward!


It’s Old/Outdated

Another common cause of slowness is an old or outdated PC. Old PC’s are built with less power than modern ones and aren’t made to deal with advanced applications. Therefore, they struggle to run multiple programs at once, which causes the computer to be agonizingly slow. If you’ve had your computer for more than about 5 years, it might be time to upgrade to a quicker, more modern version. On a similar note, modern computers can still be outdated. However, this is more of a software thing. If you don’t update the operating system, then you may be using old software to try and handle all your daily tasks. The old system struggles, leading to slowness. So, try updating your PC to see if that makes a difference.

A slow computer is of no use to a busy entrepreneur. Work on diagnosing the cause of this issue, then fix it!


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