5 Issues of Being a Tech Trendsetter

5 Issues of Being a Tech Trendsetter

There’s much to love about technology. It’s getting better all the time; there are always new little gadgets to play with, every step forward seems like a step into the future. And if you’re a tech lover, then there’s every chance that you’re a tech trend-setter. That is, you always have the latest hardware and software; you’re always one step ahead of the curve. While for the most part this is an enviable position to be in, it’s not all good news. Below, we take a look at five issues attached to always being the technology frontrunner.

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You Pay For It

The best time to buy technology is a few months to a year after it’s come out. It’s still considered the latest technology, but it’s usually 15% cheaper than the original cost. Once the initial buzz has passed, tech companies lower the price slightly to get more people on the hook. Alas, if you’re a tech trendsetter, then you’ll never see these savings. You’ll have bought the piece of tech as soon as it came out, and that means that you’ll have paid a premium for the privilege. Factor in the fact that you always upgrade even when it’s not entirely necessary, and you’ve got quite a large tech bill!

Everybody Wants a Go

You provide a public service, even when you didn’t fully intend to. What do we mean? Well, when you’ve got all the latest technology, you can rest assured that there’ll be a long line of people who want to try out the equipment. But not just any equipment: yours! As such, you might want to consider buying some strong antibacterial gel…because there’s going to be a lot of people putting their hands on your new laptop/smartphone/tablet.

Teething Problems

People assume that all new technology is better than what was around before, but this isn’t strictly true. It’s only supposed to be better. While the planning is all there, the execution isn’t always up to scratch. The tech companies figure out the problem eventually, but in the meantime, you have to live through the teething problems. If it’s a popular platform, such as a Mac OS, then problems usually arrive pretty quickly; you can check out quick fixes to macOS Mojave problems, for instance. But if it’s entirely new technology, then you’ll have to wait for it to become slightly more popular.

Is It a Fad?

It’s also worth keeping in mind that not everything you buy will be gold. You could have bought the first Apple iPhone, and established yourself as someone who’s always up to date with new tech. But then you could have bought Google Glass, which turned out to be a short-lived fad. It’s worthwhile thinking about which new technologies are here to stay, and which might just be a gimmick. You’ll save plenty of money, but more importantly, you’ll save space in your home for the tech that really matters. Don’t fill those drawers with junk no-one will remember!


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