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5 Tips For Presenting A Tech Sales Conference

5 Tips For Presenting A Tech Sales Conference

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Planning on hosting a conference to help sell a tech product? Such conferences are a popular sales strategy and can help potential buyers learn more about your product whilst giving you a chance to persuade them into buying it. Whether you’re selling business software or home gadgetry, here are a few tips that will help to make your conference effective.

Embrace modern technology

If you’re representing a tech company, you want come across tech savvy and cutting-edge, which means embracing other forms of modern technology. This could mean investing in digital screen for presenting data on and use high quality audio equipment. You could even use a tablet to control data on the screen. Also make sure that the presentation itself doesn’t look cheap – you may want to consider looking into a more powerful software programme than PowerPoint. This guide at offers a few alternatives to PowerPoint that could be worth trying.

Do a demo of your product

Don’t just talk about your product – show them it in action. If you’re presenting a piece of software, you could offer a brief tutorial on how to use on a screen. If you’re presenting a gadget, you could try demonstrating these gadgets in front of everyone. This will make your audience more trusting of your product and more engaged.

Let your audience interact

You can go one step further and let your audience test out the product for themselves. This could involve giving everyone a tablet to try out your software or allowing people at the end of your presentation to test out your gadget – this could help to make it feel more like a workshop than a presentation. Of course there are other ways to get interactive too. You could encourage not just at the end of your presentation, but throughout. You could even get people to ask question via Twitter and display the results on a digital Twitter wall.

Consider some public speaking training

Almost everyone can benefit from public speaking training – this could help you to develop a more confident manner when in front of a group and in doing so could help to make you more persuasive. You can find public speaking support at sites like There are also video tutorials online that you can use for free to further develop your skills.

Speak in layman’s terms

Using complex technological terms could put people in your audience off – if people don’t understand how to use a product, they won’t buy it. Try to deliver your pitch in layman’s terms. Those that are tech savvy can always ask any complex questions they have at the end – there’s no need to bore everyone else with this information. Focus on tangible benefits to using your product such as speed, cost, time saved and energy efficiency. You can read off a few specs to show people you know what you’re talking about, but don’t go too in depth if it’s unnecessary.

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