5 Ways To Boost Your Company’s Online Reputation

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Many consumers do their online research before choosing a company to go with. Building a strong and positive reputation may involve making a few improvements to your online image. Here are just a few ways that you can boost your company’s online reputation.

Make your website look professional

A poorly designed website could be damaging your reputation. There are lots of factors that can make a website look unprofessional from use of colours and fonts to bad navigation. You’re best off getting strangers to review your website and then using this feedback to make changes. Investing in professional website design could be worthwhile for ensuring that your website is designed to a professional standard. Certain things could be worth displaying on your website such as testimonials, license badges and references to awards you’ve won – all of which could make you seem more credible.

Increase your social media following

Having a strong following on social media makes you look like a popular company. Ideally, you won’t over 100 followers as a new company, and over 1000 is you want to look well-established. Gaining followers isn’t easy. You can buy likes and follows, although this can have negative effects in the long run. You’re far better off using natural methods of gaining followers such as inviting all your friends to like your pages, running promoted posts, creatively using hashtags and urging existing customers to follow you.  

Encourage positive reviews

Bad online reviews can bring down a business. There are many sites that display online reviews such as Trip Advisor and Trust Pilot. Try to encourage more positive reviews than negative reviews on these sites by asking every happy customer to leave a positive review. This is best done by email if you have their contact details. You can also get people to leave reviews on Google Plus (you can even enable reviews on your business’s Facebook page).

Use a professional email signature

When sending emails, you can give off a more professional tone by signing off with a signature. This should include your name, phone number and links to your website and social media. Adding your company’s logo can also add a professional touch. Most email services allow you to set an automatic email signature so that you don’t have to type it out at the end of each email.

Offer advice through blog posts

You could consider writing blog posts on your website – these could be dedicated to professional advice for customers or for fellow business owners. Offering advice can make you seem more trustworthy as it shows you’re knowledgeable in your field and willing to share this knowledge. Blog posts aren’t the only medium you can use – you could also create Youtube videos dedicated to business advice. This could be great for giving visual walk-throughs and tutorials. By showing your face on camera, it also add another level of credibility by showing that you’re not hiding from anyone.

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