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Now Technoloman – Digital Marketing and Online Experience

Guia Antivirus or Anti-Virus Guide has become Technoloman.com… a while ago now…
… and we moved a little bit from security and Infosec, towards Digital Marketing but still interested in people’s online experience and it will somehow lead to security as well, specially when it comes to advertising, how to reach users, engagement and interaction with brands. This site serves as a reference for the average user but also as a research resource for college students, workers in the computer industry, among others with a focus in North and Latin America.

We also showcase VARs and channel partner resellers that specialize and commercialize these solutions in the United States, Canada, Brasil and the rest of the Latin America, countries such as México, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Perú, Chile, Panamá, Costa Rica, etc…

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The name Technoloman is from a song from the 90’s punk rock band from Rio de Janeiro, The Barneys. Their music and this song specially were the soundtrack to my teenage years skateboarding and having fun growing up in Brazil.

Below, the video and a few other resources for this song by the Barneys, the band.

Barneys – Technoloman, Song and lyrics

Barneys playing Technoloman live in Brazil.

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