Is Apple HQ The Coolest Building In The World?

Apple headquarters.

Apple is synonymous with innovative design, creativity and thinking outside the box. Their new multi-million dollar site housing their headquarters is due to be finished by the end of this year. Rumours abound as to what the giant doughnut-like structure will contain. We know that it’s a mile in circumference, will house over 12,000 employees and has more eco-credentials than you can shake a stick at. The new building is a world away from the more mundane offices in the rest of Silicon Valley. Welcome to the wacky yet incredible world of the new Apple head office.

Fit For Purpose

For all Apple’s coolness, the main aim of Steve Jobs when he began designing the new building in the years before his death was to create a space that was conducive to working, would attract the industry’s finest minds and would lead to exceptional productivity. By designing an open plan workspace interspersed with pods Apple have created the perfect mix of collaborative working and places for individual contemplation. An illusion of openness is felt across the site albeit with frosted bricks between discrete spaces.

There is a wellness suite to promote employee health and fitness. An employee could drop by for a spot of yoga, a dental check-up or an intense cardio session on a treadmill. There are great transport links to the site and employees can eat a range of cuisines from the swanky cafe complete with massive sliding glass doors allowing employees to view a magnificent vista when partaking in a sandwich.


A major coup for this new headquarters is the sheer scale of its greenness. Office spaces before have encouraged employees to cycle to work or have had paper recycling initiatives or may have even reused every drop of water on site. Apple has taken sustainability to a whole new level. On-site, over 9,000 trees have been planted following the plan available at, the purpose being to help the site become carbon neutral as well as inspire the creatives within the building.

Steve Jobs’ vision involved bringing nature inside the building. Greenery adorns the inners of the headquarters with forest murals, similar to the ones found at taking centre stage across the site. The building breathes as if it is a living entity utilising cooling air and exhaling warmer air back into the atmosphere through an innovative shaft system.

Perhaps the most incredible aspect of this office is its ability to function off-grid. The thousands of solar panels that cover the site feed enough solar energy into the headquarters to allow it to be entirely self-sufficient. For a site so large and technologically advanced, this is virtually unheard of.


There has never been a headquarters built on such a scale as Apple’s new offices in Cupertino, California. With its unbelievable innovation and design that pays homage to the vision of Steve Jobs, there is no doubt that this is one of the coolest buildings in the world and will remain an inspiration for architects for years to come.

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