Apple iPhone 8: Security Features Explained

Iphone 8 security features


As most of you will know by now, apple has released the next in a long line of iPhones. The iPhone 8 was released two weeks ago and has already had people buzzing with all of the new features it offers. Of course, today we are going to be looking into the new security features on the iPhone. This year they have stepped up their game from the two-factor authentication of the last generation. There is more on offer than finger recognition this time around.

Apple pride themselves on paving the way for a new way to use a smartphone, and they have proven over and over that they are different to many of their competitors. The iPhone is arguably the most popular smartphone in the world, and we are going delve into the new model and see whether it’s really worth all that hype.

First of all, we have a totally new way to unlock our mobile phones. Facial recognition. It might seem like some space aged wizardry, but in fact it is an ingenious security feature which ensures that only you can access your phone at any time. It will be replacing the TouchID system which is currently in place, making your privacy even more secure. And before you think that a photo of your face will do the trick, it won’t. The new iPhone will scan your face, and recognise the contours and heat signature of your face, meaning that only you can open your phone. Pretty impressive, eh?

The new operating system, iOS 11, will be making another very important to the software on your device to make it more secure. As you know if you have an iPhone, if you are in the lock screen- there is an option for ‘Emergency’ on the bottom left. This is so that if you are ever involved in a accident, someone can call the emergency services without having to unlock your phone. The change now is that it will be an ‘SOS’ feature, and someone will have to press your power button rapidly five times in order to call emergency services.

The last security feature to mention is the new security when you plug your phone into a computer. You will now have to enter your passcode in order to share files on a new device, rather than the old feature which required you to simply press ‘Trust This Computer’.

There are also some other great features being added in with the new software, and one of those is a change to Apple Pay. You will now be able to pay money to a friend by sending a text with the amount you owe. They will open the text and the money will go into their account. This is a great idea for if you order pizza or drinks when out with friends. Apple also supports SIM cards which will help you when you are stuck with no money on your phone account. The last thing you want is to be out and about and run out of money on your contract to call a friend or family member. Frequently an MVNO billing solution allows you to do an “emergency top-up” to temporarily borrow a certain amount to be spent on calls / messages.

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