Being in business means that big things happen a lot of the time. There are highs and lows, and they never come in small doses; some can change the route that your company is taking forever, whether this be for better or worse. Taking control of them is easier with a workforce team with specific roles to follow to ease the strain on you as the leader, but there are still things which slip through the net – and often aren’t caught until it’s too late to do anything about them. Safety Maintenance If there isn’t anybody who has been designated with the task ofRead More →

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If you’ve ever started your own online security service or any other kind of technology business then you know how cripplingly time consuming, stressful and ultimately expensive, the whole process can be. If you’re on the cusp of starting your own business then the path in front of you must seem like an unassailable minefield. The sad fact is that 90% of startups fail and while the remaining 10% tend to go onto great success (particularly in digital realms), the prospect of sinking significant effort, research, development, testing and capital into something that has such a high probability of failure is a far from attractiveRead More →

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While it is becoming truer and truer that businesses rely on tech, one thing hasn’t changed: your employees are still your best asset. Now, chances are, you know that Millennials currently make up the majority of the workforce. You are also probably aware that their talents are as far from evenly distributed as you can imagine. Silicone Valley in America, for example, has a ridiculously high number of tech companies where the average age of an employee is under 30. The reason for this is simple: they have become Millennial-friendly, and that is exactly what you need to achieve too if you are after longevityRead More →

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Security is a crucial factor throughout every area of your business, but some environments are more important than others. Given that the store is where you will convert interest into valuable sales, it must be considered a priority. After all, failure to get it right could stop you from gaining new customers. The harsh reality is that the dangers are probably greater than ever. With the right strategy in place, you can achieve that goal. All you need to do is provide necessary protection for clients, employees, and the company itself. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and these pointers should keep you onRead More →

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Ecommerce companies, like most businesses, have found the cloud to be an attractive business proposition. Thanks to the fact that it’s almost infinitely scalable, granular and cheap, it’s meant that companies selling goods over the internet have more opportunities than ever to market to their customers and increase the size of their businesses. But there’s a problem: security. As it turns out, the cloud isn’t as foolproof as ecommerce businesses once thought. There are all sorts of pitfalls, any one of which could potentially derail operations. Keeping yourself safe in the cloud is possible, but you need to know what you’re doing. Train All EmployeesRead More →

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A lot of entrepreneurs don’t think about security when it comes to their business. But then if something occurs, they often are left looking back with regret that they didn’t do more to protect their business. After all, it’s your livelihood, and if it gets put in jeopardy, you might have to end your business. But a lot of entrepreneurs don’t really know how they can secure their company. Therefore, here are some security tips every entrepreneur needs to keep their business safe. Get top security software for your company computers It’s so easy to get a virus on your computer. After all, you canRead More →

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With technology being such an integral part of business these days, it is important that not only does it work to make our business lives simpler, but also more secure. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, especially if we are unaware of how to use it properly. That is why it’s essential to know about these simple tech solutions to help your business be more secure. Cloud security While we are heavily sold on the use of cloud storage for our data, it seems that every week or so there is another incident of hackers getting hold of information that is being stored online. TheRead More →

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Working from home is often favoured by people, after all, what’s not to love? A commute of fifteen seconds, autonomy to work on your own schedule and instant access to everything you need with the companies you work for via your laptop. Changes in technology are making it far easier to work from home these days, and companies are retaining their employees better simply by allowing them to work outside the office. It’s a very attractive offering, when an employer allows a new recruit to work from a home office instead of the main building in the city. Everyone loves the idea of working fromRead More →

Everything nowadays is getting compacted into something smaller. It’s been happening since the dawn of the creation of technology; we strive to make a item as tiny as we can, before realising that we probably need to make it bigger, before bringing it back to a normal size. Take televisions, for example – they started off a standard size, only to be made smaller for portability, eventually reverting and ending back in them being a huge size to cater for the home cinema experience. It’s the same for software update that we are experiencing and creating ourselves. What was once put on a floppy diskRead More →

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If there’s one thing your business probably couldn’t survive without, it’s technology. Just imagine trying to run a company in 2017 without computers, scanners, printers and hard drives – it would essentially be impossible. Since the dawn of the technological age, advancements in the business world have been rapid, and any business whose tech department is not up to scratch will, inevitably, fall behind. But this doesn’t just mean to say that you need to constantly be updating your IT department with the latest computer models, or replacing your Wifi provider every six months. You also need to focus on taking good care of yourRead More →