Startup costs tend to be pretty daunting; thankfully, the rise of business technology is making the process much more affordable for budding entrepreneurs all over the world. We’re going to take a look at the ways in which technology can be used to help small businesses grow without breaking any banks. Seeking funds through crowdsourcing There are all sorts of stories out there about people who managed to fund the crazy idea in their head by turning to platformers such as Kickstarter and convincing members of the public to open their wallets. Crowdfunding has become a very useful platform for many ventures over the years,Read More →

In recent years, business and technology have entered into a (mostly) happy marriage. The two are, in short, inseparable. No company stands a chance of making it if they don’t get technology on board. You won’t get far if you don’t tap into the world wide audience at your fingertips. Especially not when the competition is already online. But, even during the time business has been online, things have changed in a major way. A basic website was once all you needed. Then, social media and online engagement became top of the charts. And, things have gone even further. Most modern businesses now incorporate top-qualityRead More →

We’re more protected online than we ever have been before. But, that doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk. There are still many websites out there that claim to be something they’re not in order to steal from you. The creators may want your card details or vital information from you that could give them access to your bank account or email address. For instance, you’ve probably received emails in the past that have claimed to be from your bank or tell you you’re due a tax refund. These types of emails usually include a link to a website. Even if you come across a websiteRead More →

Computer and mac.

It’s a common problem every small business has to face at some point, trying to find ways to cut back on their expenses, and it’s usually technology that is something we can’t feasibly cut back on because we need to keep ahead of our competitors. One thing that many startup companies now do is to allow their workers to use their own smartphones and laptops for business purposes, known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). From the perspective of the business it makes a lot of sense to use our own devices as the vast majority of us now own one, but how can weRead More →

Wherever you look in the business media these days, everyone seems to be saying the same thing: apps are a must-have for any business. It’s easy to see why. Marketers, business consultants, data miners, and customers all seem to love applications, and they can give your business a real edge over the competition if you manage to produce something of high value to your customers. But, while we have covered making an app for your business before in the past, there are a few inherent dangers involved. It’s one thing to build an application and release it – and it’s never been easier. But it’sRead More →

Computers, IT services, and technology can be extremely expensive. These days it is one of the biggest expenses that most companies have, especially if they only operate online. These costs may be easy to cover once you have become a large, well-established corporation, but for the first few years of trading, all this expense can become a real burden. We don’t think it’s fair that small businesses and startups are crippled with rising tech costs, though. So, we’ve come up with this useful budget for all your corporate needs. Get The IT Department To Work With HR Each department in your company will be givenRead More →

Small and medium sized business have weekly meetings and ask many questions about sales, distribution, advertisers, investors and many other enquiries of the general mood in the company. However, the one question that never leaves the agenda is what can be done to increase growth. It may seem a simple question, but the answer is so open ended that businesses can feel lost. Many try to innovate so much that they find themselves guessing what the market will do, and plan on staying ahead. The simple and most effective strategy is to, listen, research and react to customers. No one knows how a product couldRead More →

For your online business to be a success; you’ll need to ensure that you have a loyal consumer audience. Therefore, it’s vital that you’re meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations when they visit your website, and you’re reaching the eyes of your target market on a regular basis. The following are some areas to consider if your company needs a boost when it comes to engaging with and keeping, your customers. Keep The Conversation Going For your consumers to remember that you exist; you’ll need to keep reminding them who you are and that you’re there. Online business is a heavily saturated market, so people canRead More →

Image by: Pexels That the healthcare sector is experiencing an exceptional growth in the number of processes they outsource, is no secret anymore. It boils down to an interest in reducing costs while maintaining a high quality of the work they do; rushing to get through an amount of work might lead to costly and potentially dangerous mistakes. Outsourcing has a number of benefits for many businesses – as well as a few disadvantages. Use this list to understand why health professionals consider outsourcing, which tasks they normally hand over, and know when to steer away from it in order to benefit your patients asRead More →

  Communication skills are at the heart of work, love, life and human relationships and speech is a huge part of that. Without speech and communication skills we wouldn’t be able to share emotions and ideas. As these two areas are so important there has been a boost in technological research to help people make themselves understood. So today we are looking at some of the most amazing technological developments in the world of speech and communication. Children With Autism The University of Hertfordshire recently developed a robot named Kasper. He is a child-like talking robot that has been designed to help children with autismRead More →