The Benefits Of Careful Branding in Business!

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Branding is about creating a message, telling a story and communicating this effectively. It’s such an important aspect to get right when it comes to your business in order to look trustworthy, connect with customers and compete with your more established competition. Here are just a few of the reasons you should focus on your brand.

How Do I Build My Brand

There are a few key elements to focus on when it comes to building your brand. The first is your company’s name. It needs to be memorable, and unique enough that it’s not being confused with other businesses (this is not only bad news for branding, but if yours is too close to another’s name you could end up with a lawsuit on your hands). Next, you will need to decide on your logo, this should be unfussy yet eye-catching- something that will be instantly recognizable to customers as you become more well known. Finally your app and website, these are likely to be the first things customers see, so they need to make a good impression and communicate your brand. Speak to a company that offers app and website design and have them create you something beautiful and custom to you. Use your logo throughout all of your online and paper products to keep everything consistent. The best brands don’t just sell products, they sell a certain type of lifestyle; it could be luxury, the idea of being an organized parent or student, an active woman. Work out your unique selling point and find your niche and build your brand on this.

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Why Do People Trust Brands?

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome as a new business, especially if you sell online is proving that you are legitimate. There are so many scam websites around these days, customers often feel safer shopping with places they know are trustworthy. Building up a brand can help to show customers that they can put their trust in you, this is because a brand is essentially a promise to the customer. People go for them and spend more on them because they know they’re investing in good quality and/or service. You know research and care have gone into the products, and that they will maintain a standard of quality, hygiene or whatever else it is that’s relevant to the business. Customers know brands deliver what they say they will so are the obvious choice when it comes to trust.


How Can a Brand Set Me Apart

Thanks to the internet, more people than ever before are able to set up their own businesses and work for themselves. However, what that means is many other people have had the same idea, and that the market is saturated. This is bad news as a business owner as it means you have stiff competition, you and all these other similar businesses are competing for the same customers. Your brand with its clear message, unique selling point and careful research of products and services will help you attract the right customers.

Brand differentiation is the means by which your brand is set apart from the competition, by associating a superior performing aspect of your brand with multiple customer benefits.

Below are five examples of competing brands that have tailored their marketing to accentuate their differentiation to the consumer.

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