What Is Your Big Data Telling You?

0s and 1s.


Big data is very much in the news these days and is undoubtedly one of the trends to look out for in the coming years. It is, however, also a technology in its early stages of life, and the reality is that even experts haven’t quite got to grips with its full capability just yet. That said, there are some analytical advantages that every business can gain from big data, that could also improve your company and fuel innovation within your teams. Let’s take a look at some of the things your big data might be telling you.

How to optimize your operations

If you know how to track analytics and decipher the numbers, big data can tell you a lot about where your business is going right – and wrong. You can run reports on transaction records at a vast scale, and find ways of improving your customer’s experiences based on the data you uncover. You can identify processes in your supply chain that are slowing down production, and track the changes you make to speed things up a little.

What decisions to make

Again, if you know how to read data, you will find your systems give you invaluable information that you just won’t be able to access anywhere else. It could be of vital importance, too. As Singularity Networks points out, when business critical events take place on your systems, it is essential that you are alerted immediately – and have the power to make the right corrections. Big data gives you real-time information that detects problems, identifies solutions, and can also get you started on creating automated responses, so the problem self-heals next time around.


How to improve your service

The better quality of your analysis and data, the quicker you can process solutions. And that all adds up to deliver improved business value – not just from your perspective, but also your customer’s. You can learn about what your audience is doing, what current trends they are taking part in, and how you can meet their needs in better fashion. All of these critical marketing insights can be used objectively to ensure you are providing a continuously improving service.

How to extend your services

Leading on from the previous point, every business needs new avenues – without them, you only have a finite lifespan. By using big data, it’s possible to build up accurate pictures of your customer’s habits when using particular products. For example, let’s say you have a popular app on the market. You can monitor usage, run reports, and find out what is working and what isn’t. You can then use your data to inform you of the updates required – or even create a brand new app that addresses customer’s needs in more detail.

Where to improve your cash flow

Finally, all businesses rely on a positive cash flow. And big data can even help you with that. For example, you can look deep into the payment histories of your customers and find out who is paying on time, and who is slow to cough up. Once you understand that, you can then be more accurate in directing the right resources to the right places, resulting in a more efficient billing process.

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