Breaking Down The (Fire)Walls When Speaking To Tech Support

Every single business on the face of the planet has its own issues when it comes to technology. And when the latest contraption is brought to the market, or the newest approach to managing your business software such as the popular Bring Your Own Device methods, there is one major annoyance that every single person has with regards to using technology, and that is speaking to the dreaded tech support. As a general workplace aggravation, this seems to be the one relationship where the contempt goes both ways! So let’s try and break down the walls.

Why It’s Frustrating For The Caller

Every person working in an organization will have to phone tech support at some point in their life, and from their perspective, they just want the answer to the problem, and this is seldom the case. Primarily what they do want is to have the problem solved as quick as possible and conflict arises when the caller is asked the most basic of questions which give the impression that they are no more intelligent than a macaque monkey. The caller has always turned the computer off and on again and, yes, they have checked that everything is plugged in properly! They are only calling IT support as a last resort. If you own a business and you are constantly coming to these sorts of blows with technical support, it may be that your system support contractors aren’t working with you properly to get the problem solved. So it may be beneficial to find a suitable support company that treats you like a human being, so it’s vital you pick a service that has the relevant experience and knows how to treat people with dignity. There are plenty of companies like who understand the importance of getting to the core of the problem as quick as possible, and as the caller requires help and assistance as soon as possible, this can help to cut down on that conflict which wastes time and doesn’t get to the core of the problem.

Why It’s Frustrating For Tech Support


And while it is frustrating for the caller, from the perspective of the IT experts, it’s almost like you are speaking two different languages. The biggest bugbear of being tech support is that they are viewed as an immediate solution to a problem which may take a lot of time. And especially with a lot of IT support companies they do painstakingly prepare materials for people to use which and help them troubleshoot the most basic of problems and should only reach out to IT support as the last port of call. Have a look at for a unique perspective of the process of someone who works for tech support. A lot of callers and workers tend to avoid reading any support materials which can make things frustrating for both sides of the conversation, which leaves IT support in a precarious position as they have to talk someone through the basics, which can leave the caller feeling belittled.

And this is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making both sides of the equation work effectively together to overcome technical problems, but if you can start to appreciate it from both perspectives, this will be a very good start.

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