Bringing One-Man Businesses Into The Digital Era

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The repair man businesses have been flourishing for decades. Also despite its constant trend – everybody needs a little hand to maintain their home and to approach renovation and improvement projects – very few independent repair businesses have managed to embrace the digital era successfully, apart from a certain Italian plumber called Mario but this is a different topic altogether. However, it’s now time to bring your repair business into the digital age and to make the most of the digital technology and strategy. Your customers exist, research and purchase digitally. Consequently, it makes sense that you add digital to your everyday tools. After all, have you ever heard of a successful business that doesn’t try to make the life of its customers easier by following the necessary socio-economical trends? The answer is, naturally, no. Whatever industry sector you choose to develop your business in, the digital era is now an essential growth factor. So here’s how to modernize your one-man repair business.


Smoothless And Wireless Customer Interactions

The main complaint that people have about repair businesses is not specifically about the quality of the work that has been done, but about the old-fashioned business transaction methods. Indeed, it is not uncommon for repair men to be paid in cash for small jobs, while large projects – that is projects that require an advance quote such as a room renovation – can be either paid in cash over the duration of the work or using bank transfer. Now, when was the last time that you had enough cash in your wallet for your purchase? In a world where most people chose to pay by card or by phone, it’s essential that your business embraces new technologies, namely the use of credit card machines for repair men. It would make it easier for customers to pay on the go, as all you require is a wireless connection. Consider it the mobile point of sale that you can take on every job, just like you would any other tool. With an easy payment system, you can also bring an easy invoicing solution, so that you can send the invoice in real time via SMS or email to your customers, while they pay for your work.

A Visible Online Presence

The time when repair men relied only on words of mouth is now long gone. It’s essential that you create a visible online presence, as the Internet is the first place where your customers are going to be looking for a solution. You can find a lot of easy website templates, on platforms such as WordPress, that are quick and effective. But with online presence comes the risk of hacking and data breach. Some websites choose to block access to their web admin folder using PHP code and the .htaccess rules. Too tricky? You can add additional security barriers to your site, such as a two-factor authentication to block brute force hacking.

Finally, it’s likely that you will focus your attention on local work. Consequently, you need to share your business address, using Google My Business, with search engines. This will allow search engines to show your website in priority to users who are close to you. Additionally, your business is visible on Google Maps and can receive online reviews via this service too.

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