Business Owners Need Guidance Too

Books and library

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Being a business owner gives you a certain level of freedom to do as you want. However, that shouldn’t mean you should stop taking advice from others altogether. The best business owners are constantly learning to keep their businesses evolving with the times. Here are some ways that you seek guidance as a business owner.  

Read books

There are plenty of business-related books out there on all manner of subjects. These can be a cheap and reliable way of improving your business knowledge. Always read reviews of books so that you know you’re buying a book that’s respected by others. Be careful of seeking information from old books – whilst some information may still be relevant to this day, some of it may not.

Follow business blogs

There are plenty of business blogs out there that can great sources of free information. These include web directories such as AumDirectory. By following these sites you can stay up to date on business trends and news.

Watch video tutorials online

The likes of Youtube have plenty of tutorial videos on all manner of business subjects. For those that don’t have the time to read or want a visual representation, videos can be ideal. Look for influential business vloggers – this Huffington Post article offers some of the top business blogs for entrepreneurs.

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Outsource advisors

For specific questions, it can often be worth outsourcing advisors in various fields. Many pay on an hourly basis and can help provide thorough discussion into whatever you need to know. Most business owners will hire legal advisors or financial advisors at some point, but there are also other types of advisor such as IT advisors, marketing advisors, HR advisors and advisors of pretty much any other business task you can think of. Always read online reviews first and shop around for quotes to get the cheapest price.

Take part in workshops and seminars

There are plenty of workshops and seminars out there for all kinds of specific business skills. Not only can these sessions teach you new business tricks, they can also be great opportunities for meeting other business owners and potentially doing some networking.

Visit conferences and talks

Similarly, there are conferences and talks being hosted all the time by business professionals on all matter of topics. Attending these could help to learn some new things, whilst also serving as a networking opportunity. These sessions may be less interactive than workshops and seminars, but in most cases could be cheaper to attend.

Go back to school

You could even consider re-educating yourself to learn a few new skills. There are many business degrees out there nowadays that can be completed online. These courses could be completed around your daily responsibilities without you have to take time off to live on campus. Some form of higher education may also help to offer some legitimacy in some professions.

Learn from your employees, clients and competitors too

The people around you who you may see as subordinate or in competition with you can also educate you. Surveying clients and understanding competitor strategies is essential market research that you may even be able to learn new business practices from. Similarly, your employees may have experience in other trades or knowledge that they can bring to the table to benefit your business.

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