Business Sectors You Need To Invest In Now

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We can’t predict the future, no matter how hard we try to look at the stars or read our own Tarot cards. It simply isn’t possible. Even so, many people in business are always trying to look at past trends and fads to try and see what is going to be the next big thing. And trying to predict the next big thing is super important as it can give investors a clue as to where exactly they should place their money for the biggest possible returns.

The face of business, especially on a global level, is always changing and shifting, and different industries and sectors have their own time to shine. Investing in a particular business just before it hits the big time is a great way to make a nice profit in as short a time as possible. If you strike it right, you can benefit from some big rewards. Get it wrong, and your money could drop in value and you might come away with big losses.

So, are you ready to find a business of the future to put your money in? Don’t worry if you aren’t too sure where all the big profits are. We’ve done our research and have found the businesses that many industry experts are expecting to make some huge gains and profits by 2020. Read on to find out exactly which industries are worth investing in!

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Health Tech

There are lots of companies out there that are dedicated to eradicating diseases and health conditions while coming up with the best possible medications and treatments. You can read at about one of the latest tech developments that many researchers have been working on: humanized rodents. These rodents are being developed so that scientists can use them for important clinical tests. Thanks to them, many new treatments and medicines are being developed. It’s thought that the health tech industry is going to go from strength to strength over the coming years and by 2020, investors should be seeing some very impressive returns on their initial investments. One thing to bear in mind, though is that there are a lot of different health tech and research companies out there. Knowing which will be the best investment is crucial. If you aren’t too sure, and don’t want to risk a bad investment, it’s a good idea to talk to a financial expert who specializes in the health sector.

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Therapy And Counseling Services

Over the past couple of years, you might have noticed that more and more people are talking about the issue of mental health. Thanks to all of this openness, it is now widely recognized that many of us have struggled with our mental health at one point or another, and this problem needs to be addressed. So, many experts are forecasting a boom in businesses that offer therapy and counseling services. As more people seek out help and treatments for various mental health issues, these firm’s popularity and profits will soar. If you place some of your cash in these kinds of companies, you will see some considerable returns by 2020 for sure!

Driverless car.


Driverless Car Tech

Did you think that driverless cars were something that was restricted to sci-fi movies? Well, think again. In fact, it looks like companies such as Google are gearing up to roll out their driverless car tech into the mainstream. These cars that feature some extremely advanced AI have been trialed and tested for well over a year now. It is thought that this new AI tech in cars will be quickly taken up by the public and there will soon be a range of companies offering variations on driverless cars.

Mindfulness And Meditation

I’ve already mentioned that our a new widespread recognition of mental health is leading to a boom in therapy and counseling services. And it is also going to have a very positive effect on another industry as well: mindfulness and meditation. Now that more people are interested in taking care of their mental health, it is believed that there will be an increase in demand for services that promote good mental health. So, more people will be signing up for mindfulness and mediation services. This includes gym classes like Yoga and Pilates. If something gives people the chance to get peace of mind and reduce the effect of any worries and stress, then it should be in big demand by the time 2020 rolls around. People will want to train their mind and look after it, so the companies that offer them the chance to do so will be turning over some huge profits.  

Veterinary tech.


Veterinary Businesses And Pet Care Services

Pets are now more popular than ever and many people think this is all to do with the internet and social media. After all, you can’t log into the likes of without seeing some cute images or videos of cats and dogs. These cute videos and images are tempting more families to bring a small pet into their home. And with this increase in the number of pets, there is also an increase in the need for veterinary firms and other pet care services. There are many different companies that belong to this sector. One of the most obvious to invest in is vet care. However, you might also want to look into investing your cash into some other businesses that are involved with pet care. For instance, the pharmaceutical companies that work tirelessly to create new drugs and medications for animals. Plus, there are also many small companies that make pet toys and food that are regularly looking for crowdfunding supporters.


Retail Technology

There are now thousands of startups all over the world, and it seems like the number of these small, innovative businesses is set to increase further over the next few years. A lot of these startups are focusing on creating new services and technologies to aid retail businesses. For instance, many of these companies are utilizing the power of apps to help revolutionize shoppers’ experience when they are in stores. Thanks to all these retail-focused startups, bricks-and-mortar shops are able to contend with the online retail world as they offer their customers something more than before. It’s thought that with the help of these startups, the retail world will be taken from strength to strength, making both of these sectors very worthy if your investment cash.

Environmental Sciences

Another major trend that is having an effect on people’s consumer habits is the move towards environmentally friendly ways of life. As a result, a lot of the public are now focused on improving their day to day tasks and the businesses who they choose to use so that they can reduce their carbon footprint. Because of this, more families are looking to incorporate eco-friendly energies into their homes. It is thought that these will become the mainstream home heating over the next couple of years, so the companies that supply these energies and tech are set to make some pretty hefty returns by 2020. Not only that, though, but companies who become known for environmentally friendly practices and production methods will also become a lot more desirable to do business with. So, it could be very much worth moving your investments to companies and firms that have the environment close to their hearts.  


Entrepreneurship Companies

If you’ve been following the media and business publications lately, you will already be aware that there is a distinct shift away from full-time employment. More people are ditching the traditional nine-to-five job and are choosing to work for themselves from home or from a co-working space. Because of this new trend for freelancers, contractors, and small-scale entrepreneurs, there is now a lot of companies that focus on services and products that can help them make their working days a lot more efficient. For instances, companies that provide work tools, such as Slack and Toggl are in big demand, and are growing at considerable rates.

Construction site.


The Construction Management Sector

People will always need buildings, whether that’s for homes, offices, or shop space. So construction companies are always going to be in demand. And now that more people and companies are interested in bespoke buildings built to their very specific specs, construction management firms are set to take off. Not only that, though but the companies who rent out specialist construction equipment also look set to make considerable profits by 2020 as well. In actual fact, you can’t go wrong when you invest your money in the construction industry. Each of its sectors is looking very lucrative right now!

Hopefully, this blog post has given you some great ideas and inspiration on where you should place your next set of investments. Of course, these aren’t the only companies that are worth investing in right now – there are quite a few that are set to take off by 2020 – it’s just these are the ones that we think will bring you the biggest returns.

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