Can Software Replace Employees in Your Startup?

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We’ve all heard the stories of robots replacing human employees, and it’s happening at such an alarming rate that you’d be surprised how many people are losing their jobs thanks to these machines. While it’s the perfect solution to invest in if you’re an international company with a lot of money on the line, it’s perhaps not the best idea when you’re a small to medium business. After all, fostering a healthy company culture is often more important than trying to optimise your business, but there will always come a point where the costs of starting up your business can’t be ignored.

One of the best ways to save money when you first start a business is to use software, not machines, to replace what an employee would do. After all, if you’re just working out of your garage at home then you don’t really have an office, and you probably don’t have the funds to start hiring freelancers or remote employees to work for you. To combat this, there are plenty of software packages that will help give you the upper hand if you’re a small or medium business.

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Accountants are great at managing your books, examining incoming and outgoing money and they’re also great at doing your taxes. However, if you don’t have a high income right now or if you don’t deal with many transactions, then it might be better to simply register for a cloud accounting service instead. These services can do everything an accountant does, but you’ll need to provide the input. Computers are, after all, fairly stupid. They can do some amazing things, but without some human interaction or input, then they don’t exactly do much. As long as you can keep track of incoming and outgoing well enough to input those numbers into the accounting software, it will automatically spit out how much money you’re making, forecasts and help you pay your taxes. For a small to medium business, this is really all you need.

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If you’ve made the step up from at-home business to a small business, then congratulations! You probably have a solid service or product and you probably have a couple of employees under your wing. However, to manage them, you’re probably using spreadsheets and documentation that can be hard to keep track of. For instance, if your employees are going on holiday then you might have trouble re-assigning shifts to make up for it. That’s when holiday management software can come in handy, as well as other HR-related software. Managing employees can be difficult without keeping track of every little detail. Thankfully, there are plenty of useful software packages that take care of this for you.


And lastly, we have to mention design. Creative arts will always be something that requires a lot of passion and experience, but if all you want is a simple website then there are plenty of easy-to-wise editors on the internet that require zero creative knowledge or coding experience. You simply pick from a template, move things around on the screen and you’ll have a website in 5 minutes. You can add social media widgets to improve your online marketing exposure and you can even manage it from any device—including a smartphone or tablet.

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