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Have you ever thought of embracing the cloud for the good of your business? If not, it’s time to consider it because it could help your business to improve in so many different ways. Many people look at things like this and see it as being too complicated and hard to understand, but you shouldn’t let that hold you back. There are companies out there to help and assist you, so that’s something to keep in mind. First of all, here are the main benefits for your business of embracing the cloud. You’ll Save a Considerable Sum of Cash The main reason to embrace theRead More →

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As a business owner, it is vital; that you are always making the most of every opportunity that is available to you in terms of boosting your productivity levels and achieving more. This can be easier said than done, yet one option you have at your disposal is to transition to the cloud. Read on to discover the different ways that this can increase the productivity of your company’s operations… Make big data easy to manage – One of the ways that moving to the cloud will boost efficiency is by making it easier for you to manage big data. Traditional methods of storing dataRead More →


Image File Source In business, growth is everything. Growth is how we measure success, for national economics and for the small businesses that help to power that economy. Twitter might be one of the best-known websites in the world, but its lack of user growth is seen as a huge negative that impacts its ability to draw investment. This just proves that growth, potentially even more than profit margins, is how we judge business success. When you run an ecommerce store, growth is the natural next step; that’s how you continue to be successful, after all. There are many ways you can grow an ecommerceRead More →

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Credit Having an online store is a great way to start up a business, or to expand your existing company. Every store (practically) has an online version of themselves, if you’re looking for something in particular, you usually Google it. There are even some huge companies, like Amazon, who exist purely online and are very successful in doing so. But having an online store and making the most of it are two different things. There a features you can get, and benefits you probably wouldn’t think about straightaway. Your online store can automatically rank higher in potential customer’s eyes purely for aesthetic reasons. Appearance TheRead More →

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Cloud software. A term that many people have heard of, but few have managed to grasp the full potential of what cloud software is or how it could help their businesses grow and develop into something far larger. Cloud software goes hand-in-hand with the philosophy of SMEs. You want efficient, affordable and scalable solutions for your business. Efficiency is often measured by productivity. Cloud software is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile forms of technology that you could employ in your business. It’s cheap enough to operate even as a small business, it can help you speed up mundane tasks, it can protectRead More →

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It’s not every day you see a group of competitor companies agree on anything but on September 2017, Oracle joined some big name cloud companies in a movement called Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Joining companies like Amazon, Cisco, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and RedHat as the top sponsors for the Linux Foundation-based groupy that instituted the use of the Kubernetes container orchestration project and related tools. Indeed, Oracle isn’t just joining the foundation but also bringing Kubernetes to Oracle Linux and open sourcing its Terraform Kubernetes installer for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It’s worth noting that Oracle had already made a number of contributions to Kubernetes and related container tooling, soRead More →

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Has the time come for you to switch the web hosting service that you currently use? If so, be sure to tread carefully. There are some things that you need to know about the whole process. And having this knowledge under your belt will help you to avoid making any stupid mistakes. Read on if you want to learn more about what you should be doing when it comes to switching your web hosting service from one provider to another. You Need to Look Past the Surface Offer When it comes to switching your web hosting service, there are lots of options out there thatRead More →

Everyone has been talking about the cloud and how it’s so important for everyone to use it. It can help to make your business more cost-effective to run and make the storing and sharing of data easier. Plus, while some people might think using the cloud leaves their business more vulnerable, it can actually be used to make a company more secure. There are several types of technology you can use if you want to use the cloud to improve security for your business. Take a look at how the cloud could benefit your business and make sure it’s less vulnerable. Use a Cloud-based SecurityRead More →

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a complete and integrated marketing system. It features a wide set of solutions, including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Media Optimizer and Adobe Campaign. It also offers real-time dashboards and a cooperative interface where users can combine the content, data and insights. You can optimize, measure, and test your website atractiveness with the help of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. Depending on your usage, Adobe Marketing Cloud  will cost around $10,000 per year on a single product.  The pricing is based on the number of products that were purchased and the total amount of usage in theRead More →

Rackspace is a global leader in Cloud solutions that invented the Openstack, a Cloud platform that offers flexible networking environment with fast bandwidth, customizable data storage, freedom to work on an operating system of your choice and pay as you go billing facility. Rackspace the service leader in cloud computing. Deliver enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world. Rackspace’s secure flexible features also include Spot Instances, Elastic load balancing, Automated Backups, Elastic IP address, Data encryption, API access, On Demand Instances and Server coloning. Rackspace Cloud service can be easily integrated with mobile applications, accessed on Desktops, Netbooks, Tablets,Read More →