Is Your Company Thinking Ahead?

Is Your Company Thinking Ahead?

When you get your business plans drawn up for a new business, you spend a lot of time thinking about company growth. For some, this means being bigger and better than the competitors in the same industry. For others, it’s all about physical expansion and making sure your company is known from city to city. Whichever way you hope to grow your company, you need to plan accordingly. One of the biggest strategies most companies use in their growth is using technology to help them get there.

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You need to decide whether you want to grow your business from the very beginning, or whether you plan to keep your business as it is. Your whole business plan is going to depend on where you want to take your company and there are plenty of ways you can use technology to help your company grow. Technology offers so many opportunities for businesses and with the consistent changes and evolution of the industry, life is made so much easier. It’s not just about making marketing strategies simpler, but training for companies on certain technological programmes are now offered, meaning that your staff can be regularly updated in their education. This then makes them better workers! We’ve put together some of the ways technology can encourage you to be a forward thinker in business, and take your business to the top.

Social Media: One of the biggest and most popular areas in technology has been the birth of social media. It’s one thing to have a company website where people can find you, but social media has opened a whole new world for customers to communicate with companies. If you are up to date on the merits of social media, you’ll understand exactly how your company can benefit from its use and you’ll have a better way to reach customers.

Google Analytics: Thanks to the way search engines are evolving, you can now use programs like this one to measure website traffic. That’s not all it does, though! You can track keywords and locations of those who click on your website with Analytics, and this will make you a more conscientious business owner.

Blogs: Companies that start their own blogs to engage with customers are companies that aren’t just a professional exterior. You need to be able to level with your customers and speak to them in a language they understand. Your blog can be as casual as you like in its tone, but remain professional otherwise. You can be an engaging company that realises your audience are people from all walks of life!

Live Video: You’ve seen the GoPro get more and more popular and how live video has burst into the scene to make a company look more presentable. It’s time to set up video interviews online with people in your company, in the street and with general information about who you are and what you do.

None of this would be possible without technology, and all of these things can help your company expand hugely!

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