What Should Content Marketing Look Like in 2018?

What Should Content Marketing Look Like in 2018?

Content marketing is one of the most important things that a brand can do is 2018. Content marketing is the act of providing valuable, relevant, consistent content that is tailored to your audience. The goal is to drive action within your audience, perhaps getting them to purchase a product or even sign up to a newsletter.  

70% of people prefer to learn about products through articles rather than advertising, and there are lots of other kinds of content depending on your business venture and goals. Search engines reward high quality content and punish low quality content, so knowing exactly what your strategy should look like in 2018 is imperative.

With the right content you can attract more visitors to your website, achieve more inbound links, and more. Read on to get started.


Getting Started

Getting started, if you haven’t already, required some preparation. Here’s what you need to be doing:

Planning – you need to plan your content marketing strategy. Take the time to define your objectives and your plan should begin to come together.

Audience – who are your audience? How will you relate to them, and get them to continue coming back for more content?

Content Development – when you develop your content, you need to know exactly what you want to say for it to be effective.

Distribution – which channels will you use to distribute your content?

Monitor results – crucial to getting the most out of your strategy and figuring out what works. There are marketing qualifications with Google that focus on content marketing and how you can look into the data to know exactly what works.

What Should Content Marketing Look Like in 2018?

With that in mind, then, what should content marketing look like in the coming year? Here’s what your audience likely want to see more of:


Transparency is key in business. You want your audience to trust you, yet so many businesses aren’t clear or truthful in their story or what they are doing. You should look at ‘Cause marketing’ to bring all elements of your brand story together and find something that really works. Customers are more cautious these days so building relationships and gaining trust is key.

Live Video

Customers want to see more video content. According to Facebook, users spend 3x longer watching a live video than a video that is no longer live, so this could be the way to go. Plus, 80% of people would rather tune in to a live video than read a blog post. Blog posts still have their place, but looking at other options is important.

Visual Content/Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is becoming more commonplace, and is something that more businesses are introducing. Visual, interactive content that allows you to do things like design your own clothes and furniture is more likely to get people to follow through with an action.

Influencer Generated Content

Working with the right influencer can be more trustworthy than ads. Your audience trust them, and it can feel like a far more organic way to reach people. Building relationships with influencers and selecting the right ones for your brand is a must!

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