Businesses that have effective strategies and smooth operations in place, will continue to develop their systems so that their company can grow and expand with ease. Therefore, whatever size business you run, in order to succeed and have long term prospects; you’ll need to invest in its processes and ensure that they are as fine-tuned and efficient as possible. Efficiency and effectiveness are key to the future success of your business, so it’s crucial that you pay your office practices some close attention. The following are some areas to consider if your company needs a helping hand in boosting productivity through better procedures and aRead More →

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(Image Source) It’s easy to understand how important the power of customer data can be to your business. Enabling you to improve your services, giving you the ability to market effectively, along with loads of other benefits, this sort of data never fails to come in handy. How exactly can you figure out what makes your customers tick, though? This field can be complicated, but this post is here to help you out and will be going through some of the key sources you can use. Social Media: Nowadays, most of the world is using social media websites like Facebook and Instagram, and this makesRead More →

Startup photos. Nowadays, technology impacts everything that we do. It does not matter what type of business you run, it is likely that you depend on software and other forms of tech to some extent. One of the big decisions you need to make is whether to go for a bespoke software solution or an off-the-shelf product. In this post, we will take a look at the benefits of bespoke software in further detail so you can determine whether this is the best solution for you or not. Simplicity – There is only one place to begin, and this is with simplicity. After all, when aRead More →

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Networking is not simply an information exchange between you and another person. It involves establishing relationships with people who will often become your friends and community of colleagues as you go through your career. In information technology, networking is the construction, design, and use of a network, including the physical (cabling, hub, bridge, switch, router, and so forth), the selection and use of telecommunication protocol and computer software for using and managing the network, and the establishment of operation policies and procedures related to the network. Basically, all we do today through technology happens because of interconnected networks, internal and external, private and public that brings internet connection to our houses every day. Network computerRead More →

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These tips have been updated from previous years and are extremely valid these days. The need for an endpoint security solution, a firewall and regular backups or your data is more valid than ever. We have added tools available today that make your information security more practical, achievable and affordable. For some small businesses, the security of their information, systems, and networks might not be a high priority, but for their customers, employees, and trading partners it is very important. The term Small Enterprise (or Small Organization) is sometimes used for this same category of business or organization. A small enterprise/organization may also be aRead More →

When evaluating an antivirus or endpoint security product its very important to look at their support infrastructure in the country that you live. If there’s no direct phone number, with local staff that speak in your language and you can understand them, it’s a sign of a brand that is not ready to give a good service in your country. Today, with the advent of ransomware, some brands are even ready to assist you with removing these virus and virtual plagues. Below are the security companies support phone numbers in the US and the main countries in Latin America. Symantec Support Phone Numbers Symantec hasRead More →

Three years after selling for $1.3 billion, Silicon Valley security firm Blue Coat Systems fetches $2.4 billion from Bain Capital. Bain Capital announced in March, it would buy Blue Coat in an all-cash deal, taking the company off the hands of San Francisco private equity firm Thoma Bravo. Blue Coat has differentiated products for protecting enterprises from even the most sophisticated threats, and the product is part of the security architecture for the world’s largest enterprises. Many trusted brands use Blue Coat, and the acquisition by Bain Capital is made to put the brand in a trajectory to further grow their portfolio, better serve ourRead More →