Cyber security training tips and networking in the area

Netsectstudents reddit in Decembe 2017.

Cybersecurity is an urgent issue today in the US and the world. As the world became digital with business processes and money going around through computer networks, the security of this information hasn’t evolved as well as the threats against it. Companies and governments today are scrambling to keep up with the menace of having this information stolen or manipulated and in an effort to keep up are hiring and spending on information security tools and manpower like crazy.

These tools also known as cybersecurity tools need to be implemented and maintained by specialized and knowledgeable people and there’s a shortage in the amount of people with proper training and seniority in these fields. The areas of specialization are varied but getting part of it or most of it mastered is a big step towards a good job in the field.

Cybersecurity training is available in a multitude of ways, but the hands on learning and networking with peers in the area is still one of the most important ways to get qualified and get positioned in a good company in your area. BElow are some tips to get training and how to network in cybersecurity.

A few subreddits can be followed to keep in touch with peers in the infosec world:

  • is definitely an important subreddit for training and exchanging tips on that. Don’t forget to read S3cturs guide to breaking into infosec that was posted on netsecstudents for a few months in 2017. Great resource if you want to know where to start.
  • You will get great tips like the guy that wanted to know if the CSA+, the next cert after the Sec+ was really worth it. Users pondered that certs is useless. and that going for the CISSP was better if they were looking for something more reputable. On the other hand, the user which seemed new to the area countered with “I don’t meet the 5 yr requirement so I’d rather get these “low hanging fruits” in the meantime since work pays for it.” See great tips!
  • If you are about to take one of the certification exams in cybersec, you will find first hand tips from other users that tried it. NEtsecstudent1982343 is about the take GIAC GSEC exam in February and was wondering if people could shed some light on the exam. To which supafish9 answered “The books and materials that SANS provides does prepare you very well for the exam. It helps to actually go through the labs/tools and try to understand what steps you’re doing and the results because you will see similar things on the cert. Be sure to build a good index and reference the materials for the Windows and Linux sections if you know you’re not strong on them. I remember having to look at active directory material quite a few times since I’ve never had to work on it before.” S3cturs list shows how to get started on Active Directory
  • Great tip for starters: A+ training/certification and Network+ are two beginner level certs, and the answers will surprise you as to how many people skipped those for more advanced training. Nevertheless, all pointed out that the more certs can’t hurt.

Getting to know people already working in the market and specially in your area is a great way to net work and hopefully get a job too.

  • The community at MiamiHack has meetups every other saturday at the library in Fort Lauderdale, and organize a conference every year. One of these meetings had more that 40 users at once. Join them at meetup. The meetins are really worth it!
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