The Dangers Of Downtime That Many Businesses Fail To Realize

Everyone who runs a business needs to be aware of the dangers that come with IT downtime. A lot of smaller business owners don’t realize that IT downtime is a problem for them as well as larger corporations. However, the fact is that downtime can have a detrimental impact on businesses of all shapes and sizes.

That being said, the most significant impact tends to be on smaller businesses because it’s smaller businesses that have the smaller customer bases, to begin with. Downtime puts your business at risk of losing customers, and this is something that smaller businesses can’t really afford to do.

Each year, businesses are losing over $13, 000,000 due to IT downtime. That’s a lot of money for the business industry to lose out on. Businesses that don’t have effective IT support in place are exposing themselves to more downtime than necessary, and by doing so, are risking their business’s success.

To give you a better insight into the dangers of downtime for business, we have put together a guide below.

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What is IT downtime and why is it important?

There is a common misconception that IT downtime refers to a full system meltdown where nothing is working. However, that isn’t the case – IT downtime can refer to any kind of downtime, big or small within your business’s server or website. For instance, an issue with your servers making your website slow to load can be considered downtime, as this may prevent customers being able to make purchases from you, and may also put them off of visiting your website again in the future. Larger companies like Sony, for instance, took a major hit when they experienced IT downtime. Due to their size, they manage to get things back on track, but smaller businesses may not be as lucky. That’s why it is so crucial to prevent IT downtime wherever possible.

How can downtime be minimized?

The issue with downtime is that there are multiple causes to consider. There are lots of reasons why IT systems can shut down or stop working properly. One of the most common reasons that this kind of issue occurs is because of overloading of the server with too much traffic or too much going on. Another common cause of issues with your server is when you upgrade it without preparing the system first. Downtime can also be caused by a damaged server or malware overtaking your systems. The good news is that IT downtime can often be prevented with the correct IT support in place, such as from specialists like Having support like this in place can also help to ensure that should downtime occur, the problem causing it can be quickly and effectively dealt with, getting your systems back up and running as quickly as possible.

What’s the cost of downtime for businesses?

The fact is that there can be a lot of costs involved in business downtime. This is because there isn’t just the cost of lost customers and sales to consider, but also the cost of actually repairing the problem. IT can be extremely complicated, requiring various assessments to be made and scans to be run, even before any repairs can be attempted.

IT downtime can be highly detrimental to businesses of all shapes and sizes, which is why knowing how to prevent downtime and deal with it effectively, is so crucial.

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