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The Definitive Guide To Keeping Your Smartphone Secure

The Definitive Guide To Keeping Your Smartphone Secure

A decade ago your mobile phone was just that: a phone. No eight-megapixel camera, no inbuilt ability to count how many steps you’ve done over the course of your day and definitely no apps for immediate access to your emails or bank accounts. Times have changed, and your once simple mobile phone is now an incredible gadget capable of storing sensitive financial information, your precious photographs, and personal emails. It is vital that your smartphone has the strongest security possible to make sure your private information does not end up in the hands of a mugger, hacker or cyber criminal.

Antivirus Software

In the same way as you do with your laptop, install an effective antivirus software such as AVG or McAfee onto your smartphone. The software is free and can be downloaded as an app. Your sensitive data could be leaked to faceless criminals if you inadvertently download a dodgy piece of software, so ensure you have the added security of some top quality antivirus software to delete the threat before it’s even had a chance to run amok on your smartphone.

Secure Lock

A lock screen has been around since way before the smartphone appeared. Numerical four digit pins were used on the most ancient of Nokia bricks. However, these secure locks have become more sophisticated adding an extra level of security to your smartphone. By checking out a comparison site like HandsetExpert, you’ll be able to search for the particular smartphone that you might be interested in purchasing or upgrading to and explore their security features. Pattern locks, fingerprint recognition and alphanumeric passwords all make for a secure handset.

Keep Your Software Up To Date

It can often be annoying to see those pop ups appearing on your phone every time you switch it on, telling you that there is an important update to your operating system. Resist the urge to constantly dismiss it because before you know it it’ll be three months later and you will have a very un-secure handset. Yes, they can take a while to download, but you can set your phone so that updates occur overnight, meaning that they don’t interfere with your phone usage. Updates often contain security patches and fixes, so it’s essential that you are always using the most recent version of your operator’s software.

Use A Vault

If you do have particularly sensitive information on your smartphone, you can download a vault app. This adds a second coded level of security. In the vault, you can put your personal banking apps, credit card information, private addresses, and photographs. As it is protected by a four or six digit pin, you are creating multiple security levels that will need breaking through potentially frustrating any would-be hacker.

By securing your mobile phone, you are ensuring that no one can steal any of your private and sensitive information. In a world where cyber crime is becoming more prevalent, it is vital that you stay one step ahead and make your smartphone as secure as possible.

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