Selling products online is something just about anybody can do in this day and age, providing you have the internet, a product, and a little start up capital to begin. However, you shouldn’t just rush to sell products online without doing your share of research first. Making sure you have all of your bases covered will ensure you get off to a great start. Read on for 7 things you should remember before selling products online: image Knowing Who Your Audience Are Is A Must First of all, you need to know who your audience are. Who is going to be buying your products? HowRead More →

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Standing still is going backwards. That’s how it works in the world of SEO. In a way, it’s a strange idea that there is an ever-increasing competition for a shrinking piece of digital real estate. With paid search ads pushing the organic listings below the fold, the introduction of answer boxes and Google experimenting with ‘answer only’ search result pages, it has become harder and harder to do well organically. That’s the rock, and the hard place is that people don’t visit the 2nd results page. To do well in organic search, you need resources and patience. That deep investment in time and money, theRead More →

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(image) Marketing is a necessity for any business; you won’t get many (or any) customers if you don’t. However, many of us are making the same mistakes time after time, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Three of the key mistakes are listed below. Do any of them relate to you? Mistake #1: Leaving huge gaps between marketing campaigns After working on your marketing campaign, you may be tempted to rest on your laurels as the customers and profits pour on. And for a time you may have success. However, your customers are fickle people. You need to remind them that you exist, asRead More →

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In case you are running a busy eCommerce business on the internet, and you spend a lot of time trying to find and communicate with customers, you might be thinking about automating some of your processes, so you can spend more energy and focus on creating better and more competitive messages and products. No matter if you run a one man band or have admin staff to help you, automating your online marketing will bring loads of benefits. Find a list of things you should focus on below. Image via PXHere Social Media Posting To build and maintain a strong online presence, it is importantRead More →

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If you’re running a business online, one of your main goals will undoubtedly be to keep costs as low as possible. This is one of the main benefits that attracts companies to operate purely in the digital realm. That also means that you may want to avoid hiring too many employees and growing your business to the point where the cost savings become redundant. However, there are some services that you will need even if your business is operating online. Let’s look at some of these to make sure that your company is as strong as it can be. Web Design Pic Credit There areRead More →

Having a digital marketing strategy is pretty much essential. We’re in 2018 now, and the world is dominated by digital trends and ideas. As such, your business, along with every other business, has begun investing a lot of money into digital marketing. When done correctly, a good digital strategy can catapult your brand to the highest of heights. But, it’s not as easy as you might think. There are lots of aspects of a digital marketing strategy that are very hard to manage and control. Below, you’ll find some of the hardest, and what you can do to stay on top of things: Flickr CreatingRead More →

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Wikimedia The retail store is fighting a losing battle. The age of e-commerce and online shopping has taken over the world, and it’s hardly unexpected. Shopping from home is far easier than venturing into a physical store. But, if you are starting a retail store, or you know of retailers who are struggling to retain customers, what tech does every store need for the benefit of its customers? Smartphone Capabilities Every person has a smartphone now, and because you can buy items online through your phone with a couple of swipes, this means that the very first thing a retail store has to do isRead More →

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(Image Source) Over the last year or so, cryptocurrencies have made some very big steps. For the first time, BitCoin is being met with true competition, and several other types of coin have hit the scene. Less money is being lost on these platforms than ever, with tighter security helping to avoid mistakes and human error. Of course, for those in the know, the most exciting trend can be found in the way that the market is viewing this sort of money, with more and more people taking it seriously everyday. Is digital money ready to take over the role of a traditional bank, though?Read More → Going into business for yourself is always going to be a big deal. At the start, you can be both scared and excited. Because you know that this is something that you’ve always wanted to do, but it can also be quite daunting. Running your own company is always going to be a lot of work, and you don’t want it to fail. So launching your startup can actually feel quite bittersweet. However, it doesn’t have to. You just have to ensure that you have everything in place in order to succeed. One of the best things to make sure that you cover offRead More →

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Image Credit A robust digital marketing strategy is vital to the success of any business, but sometimes digital marketing particularly in the context of social media takes over your life, and you find yourself living life in reaction to social media notifications… if this sounds familiar, it’s time to take a step back, and put things on autopilot. In an ideal world, perhaps you could do with a virtual assistant in order to lighten your load, but if that’s not financially viable there are a number of ways you can automate your online marketing processes to lighten your load and free your time up forRead More →