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Image Source There’s no denying just how important the internet has become for the modern business world. Without it, thousands of startups would never have been able to exist in the first place. Where many businesses once required a great deal of resources and money to get started, now all you need is an internet connection, a computer, and the drive to create something new. However, that doesn’t mean that creating a business online is inherently easier than any other kind of business, just that the challenges facing an online startup are often different to that of a brick and mortar business. With that inRead More →

  Facebook is already known as an invasive platform when it comes to users’ privacy. After all, the social media giant has faced scandals related to users’ privacy breach in the past. The platform has yet again come under fire for another scandal concerning data-abuse. The latest scandal involves both the social media giant itself and a political data mining firm, Cambridge Analytica. Our Data Has Never Been So Unsecure Data breach or abuse has become a commonplace in the 21st century. However, before we start finger pointing, we should first reflect on our own actions. Today, Internet users have become complacent when it comesRead More →

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Photo Credit No matter what type of business you run, a clear and comprehensive digital marketing strategy should be at the heart of it. Companies are continuing to invest more and more into getting themselves noticed online, and if you aren’t up to date with current trends, you risk falling behind your rivals. To start off with, it is important to know what components make up a digital marketing strategy. So, if you are still a little unsure or you simply want to see everything listed in a single place, this is the article for you. Website First and foremost, everything revolves around your website.Read More →

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Image source There’s no denying that data is one of the average business’ most important assets when it is good data. Unfortunately,  so many companies collect poor data or do not handle the data they have in the correct manner, rendering it, if not useless, much less profitable than it could be. Ultimately, small or average companies don’t collect data at all or don’t take advantage of it, given it’s such a ‘new’ thing. Truth is you are working and dealing with data from the begining of your business when you looked at numbers to find out if you had a feasible market, or howRead More →

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Image There are a huge number of different factors and parameters that you are probably hoping to achieve when it comes to your website. One of the main ones, which all website owners are usually hoping for, is for the bounce rate to decrease. This is the amount of people who come to visit your website but then leave without really staying to see what it’s all about. As you can appreciate, to get this rate lower it is necessary to try and encourage people that your website is worthwhile – and that takes a lot more work than you might think. In this article,Read More →

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Blogging can be an extremely fun pass time to take on because it allows you to write about the things that you love, be in touch with like minded and other wonderful bloggers, and also have the opportunity to help people along the way with your articles and videos. However, there is a large market in the blogging world that you can make limitless amounts of money from, and if you’re interested in turning your blog into a full time career, here are some professional ways to take your blog to the next level. Set up your email marketing It’s likely that on yourRead More →

Image Source Most of us know the basics when it comes to creating a successful company website. We try to make it easy to navigate and presentable, whilst containing all the important content needed in text. However, there are often other aspects that get forgotten about when designing a company website. Some of these can be important for gaining the trust of would-be clients and encouraging conversion. Here are just a few ingredients to consider for your website. Search-engine friendliness Most people use search engines to find the companies they’re after. If your website doesn’t appear when crucial keywords are entered, you may need toRead More →

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In the consumerist society we live in, it is always advisable to look for ways to save and earn extra money. Whether that be to save for a more luxurious retirement, or save for a deposit so you can get on the housing ladder, it is quite safe to say that everyone would like a little more money in their bank accounts, and more of a disposable income. If this applies to you, then read on to find out about a few hassle-free ways you can earn a few more pennies. (Source) Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that has risen in popularityRead More →


When you run a business, you need to be able to engage people. Engagement is the only way that you can grow your business into a total success, and if you’re not engaging people then you’re not going to get anywhere. If you have already started on the blogging trend for your business, then you’re already halfway there. You also probably already know the hardest part about business blogging – keeping it going. Trying to put out compelling, interesting and humorous content on a daily basis is a difficult job for a lot of entrepreneurs, so if you’re finding it hard, you won’t be theRead More →

The internet has revolutionised the world, let alone business. It has grown and grown over the last 10 years into something people probably never thought it would. The capabilities the web offers you is just amazing. But when it comes to business, we wouldn’t be able to do half of the things we can today if it wasn’t for it. In hindsight, business is the reason why the web has come as far as it has today. There aren’t many companies that are not now on the internet. If they aren’t, they’re missing a trick. It isn’t hard to get set up on the web.Read More →