Writing catchy headlines.

Even if you have a fantastic blog in which you regularly post fascinating content, if people are not drawn into clicking on it by the title, it is not going to do you much good at all. Titles are what sell the content, represent it in search engines, and encourage people to read and share it. Photo Credit Of course, this is just one area in crafting an overall digital marketing strategy and you may want to speak to an online marketing company if you are looking for a comprehensive approach. But here is some advice to cover the art of great headline writing. StartRead More →

Analytics numbers.

In today’s business world, it’s virtually impossible to ignore the need for a strong online presence. Success in the digital arena will lead to a huge spike in sales. Meanwhile, the scalability opportunities are far greater than those offered by offline activities. But while every entrepreneur can appreciate the benefits, it doesn’t mean you necessarily have the skills to make it happen. At least not without the support others.  Building a strong team is one of the most important ingredients for success in all aspects of the venture. So, here’s how you can lead your business to increased online sales despite a lack of personalRead More →

Hit the target of leads.

Business in recent years has moved towards online marketing and direct communication, and – according to some industry experts – it has reduced the ability of marketers to create personal relationships with customers. The possibilities brought by marketing automation made it much easier to target a whole lot of people, at the same time making it much more impersonal. I can explain. I have a love-hate relationship with marketing tools, specially the customization and targeting possibilities. Being able to target a group of people of a certain age, demography and location is great and all, but at this point leads already know that they areRead More →


The world of technology moves quickly, and if you don’t stay up-to-date – you could find yourself left behind. When you work in areas of digital or technology, it’s important that you keep your finger on the pulse to help you land the best opportunities as well as to make sure you’re taking advantage of the latest developments and trends. Image: Pxhere Make sure you don’t get left behind with these five easy ways to grow your digital skills. 1. Training When you work in digital, you’re spoiled for choice with the range of opportunities that exist to help you develop your skills in aRead More →

Pc on top of table outside.

A lot of people spend a lot of money on SEO – or search engine optimization – in an attempt to improve their ranking on Google and other search engines. But over the years, the likes of Google have been increasingly taking a negative view of this kind of search engine manipulation – and if they catch you doing something fishy, they are likely to blow your site out of the water. Why? Well, like all businesses, Google has customers to impress. That’s me, you, and pretty much everyone you know that uses Google as their preferred search engine. Ultimately, they want to provide relevantRead More →

Picture When you have a business website, one very important area that you focus on should be your website, obviously. This is the thing that potential customers will look at and spend their time on, considering whether or not your business is something they want to engage in, be it a product or service that you’re selling. So the way you create your site is a vital key that will have a huge impact on whether you make a sale, or push them to look elsewhere and into the arms of your competition – which is exactly what you don’t want to do. Customers are theRead More →

Light bulb and reviews.

Image Source Many consumers do their online research before choosing a company to go with. Building a strong and positive reputation may involve making a few improvements to your online image. Here are just a few ways that you can boost your company’s online reputation. Make your website look professional A poorly designed website could be damaging your reputation. There are lots of factors that can make a website look unprofessional from use of colours and fonts to bad navigation. You’re best off getting strangers to review your website and then using this feedback to make changes. Investing in professional website design could be worthwhileRead More →

Gamer video board.

(Image Credit) Shopping for computers has never been an easy job. With all of the products in this field being designed by engineers, rather than those who care about aesthetics, the naming systems and serial numbers you find will be very confusing. Understanding what each part can do is impossible from the name alone, and a lot of people will find it hard to read the further information which comes with it. To help you out with this, this post will be going through a procedure to help you when looking for a computer with the right amount of horsepower for your work and business.Read More →

  Facebook is already known as an invasive platform when it comes to users’ privacy. After all, the social media giant has faced scandals related to users’ privacy breach in the past. The platform has yet again come under fire for another scandal concerning data-abuse. The latest scandal involves both the social media giant itself and a political data mining firm, Cambridge Analytica. Our Data Has Never Been So Unsecure Data breach or abuse has become a commonplace in the 21st century. However, before we start finger pointing, we should first reflect on our own actions. Today, Internet users have become complacent when it comesRead More →

Glasses, tablet, keyboard

Photo Credit No matter what type of business you run, a clear and comprehensive digital marketing strategy should be at the heart of it. Companies are continuing to invest more and more into getting themselves noticed online, and if you aren’t up to date with current trends, you risk falling behind your rivals. To start off with, it is important to know what components make up a digital marketing strategy. So, if you are still a little unsure or you simply want to see everything listed in a single place, this is the article for you. Website First and foremost, everything revolves around your website.Read More →