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Image source If you’re looking to make money online, tech blogging is certainly one way to do it, but you’ll be up against some stiff competition, and that means that you’ll need to get as many things right from the off as you can. Here are some quick tips that should help you with that: Use WordPress – WordPress is king! Seriously, if you don’t listen to anything else, I say here to listen to this. Why? Because     WordPress makes blogging simple. If you want a blog that looks great, functions flawlessly and is SEO Optimized, you could spend lots of time and money onRead More →

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Generating an online income is one of the quickest and most convenient ways for people to make a living these days. It’s 2017, and with the technology and industries we have these days, there’s no real need for people to leave the house to earn money. Let’s talk about some super simple ways you could begin generating an online income: Create Your Own Blog or Vlog Creating your own blog or vlog is so easy these days. There are a ton of platforms you can choose from, and they are free to create! You can talk about anything you feel compelled to talk about too.Read More →

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If your business can be found solely online, then the only way you’re going to be marketing is through the internet. Yet even when you have an office, and buy adverts on the TV and spread via word of mouth, moving to the internet is a surefire way to market successfully. Establish an online presence and you’ve won half the battle, however this isn’t enough. If you need to give your digital presence a boost, there’s a few things you can buy into or learn from to make this happen with little effort. Here’s a few recommendations. Image Credit: Pexels Look Into SEO Techniques WebsiteRead More →

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We’ve all heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but many entrepreneurs and small business owners have a limited view of what they can do to improve their search engine visibility. Many of us think of SEO strictly in terms of the on-page changes we make to our content to make it more attractive to the algorithms that search engines employ. While this is undeniably a great way to improve the visibility of your content (and you should certainly consider using a plugin like Yoast to ensure that your content is as SEO friendly as can be), it’s not the only area in which you shouldRead More →

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Image Source How many times do you meet up for a coffee with friends, to stumble across a point in the conversation when you need to find the answer to something. The chances are that one of your group will whip out their smartphone and ‘Google it.’ The transition Google has taken from a noun to a verb has led to Google being the tool of over 3.5 billion searches every single day. The numbers are mind boggling and statistically, it can be hard to ensure that your business comes close to the top of those search rankings. With mythical algorithms galore, it can beRead More →

In a digital world, it can be hard to make a new business stand out. There are many similar businesses out there no doubt, and a worldwide web full of logos and branding that you won’t know where to start. But with the right kind of tools to help you market your online business, you will be able to make it stand out from the rest. You want to make a success of it, right? So make sure that you get the marketing right. Here are some tools that every modern business needs to use for marketing.   Sales Force Software Getting to know yourRead More →