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Image Source How many times do you meet up for a coffee with friends, to stumble across a point in the conversation when you need to find the answer to something. The chances are that one of your group will whip out their smartphone and ‘Google it.’ The transition Google has taken from a noun to a verb has led to Google being the tool of over 3.5 billion searches every single day. The numbers are mind boggling and statistically, it can be hard to ensure that your business comes close to the top of those search rankings. With mythical algorithms galore, it can beRead More →

In a digital world, it can be hard to make a new business stand out. There are many similar businesses out there no doubt, and a worldwide web full of logos and branding that you won’t know where to start. But with the right kind of tools to help you market your online business, you will be able to make it stand out from the rest. You want to make a success of it, right? So make sure that you get the marketing right. Here are some tools that every modern business needs to use for marketing.   Sales Force Software Getting to know yourRead More →