You don’t have to pay to get antivirus protection for your PCs and even Macs or phones, and it’s totally ok to go for a free product. The very best free antivirus tools are more effective than a lot of the paid competition. We’ve evaluated more than a dozen free antivirus tools to help you make the choice. Top-quality protection for your PC doesn’t have to cost a penny. Many of the biggest developers of premium security software also offer free antivirus software that offers excellent protection. We’ve used the findings of expert virus lab AV-TEST to evaluate the true effectiveness of their virus protection,Read More →

When evaluating an antivirus or endpoint security product its very important to look at their support infrastructure in the country that you live. If there’s no direct phone number, with local staff that speak in your language and you can understand them, it’s a sign of a brand that is not ready to give a good service in your country. Today, with the advent of ransomware, some brands are even ready to assist you with removing these virus and virtual plagues. Below are the security companies support phone numbers in the US and the main countries in Latin America. Symantec Support Phone Numbers Symantec hasRead More →

LifeLock has a few good features that make it the best identity theft protection service. The proactive protection monitors your credit applications and file sharing networks, with the ability to detect, alert and restore. ALERT Notification and verification. At the center of all LifeLock services is the patented LifeLock Identity Alert® system.† We will send you a potential fraud alert by text, phone or email*. If you confirm that the suspicious transaction is fraudulent, your LifeLock team is on it. Proactive Protection Proactive protection designed to help protect against identity fraud. Extra Protection Extra protection including bank account activity alerts† and data breach notifications. OurRead More →

Identity Guard’s technology proactively monitors personal and financial information to help users in the US to stay aware and alert of what’s happening on their financial activities. Credit Monitoring – Identity Guard watches over credit files and alerts the user quickly if certain changes are noticed and you can get monthly updates on your credit score*. You can also view your credit report and score anytime in your Identity Dashboard. Identity Monitoring – We proactively monitor your personal information‚ such as your name and Social Security number‚ online. We’ll alert you if we find that information co Identity Guard’s technology proactively monitors personal and financialRead More →

Android devices face a lot of mobile virus threats and hackers can also exploit some vulnerable applications for various purposes. Lookout belongs on a list of the best antivirus for mobile apps because it performed quite well in an important independent lab test that checked its malware detection capabilities and provides smartphone users with protection from application-based threats and web-based threats. Web-based threats plague smartphones because they are usually connected to the internet, which allows them to be susceptible to phishing scams, drive-by downloads and browser exploits. With Lookout, you can also deny unwanted telephone calls and messages. If you have lost your cell phone, youRead More →

First of all it’s important to understand the difference: Panda Free Antivirus 2015 is the free version of Panda Antivirus Pro 2015. The main differences are that the free version doesn’t have the Virtual Keyboard and the Community Firewall. And the classic main difference of free products: no access to Support VIP 24×7. The paid version (Panda Antivirus Pro 2015) has the virtual keyboard, to type passwords instead of using the computer keyboard, the firewall, the VIP support, and a very important feature of Protection in Public WiFi networks. That alone shows the value of the paid version. The free version has gotten very goodRead More →