Don’t Be Shy! How To Become More Visible Online

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How many times do you meet up for a coffee with friends, to stumble across a point in the conversation when you need to find the answer to something. The chances are that one of your group will whip out their smartphone and ‘Google it.’ The transition Google has taken from a noun to a verb has led to Google being the tool of over 3.5 billion searches every single day. The numbers are mind boggling and statistically, it can be hard to ensure that your business comes close to the top of those search rankings. With mythical algorithms galore, it can be virtually impossible to figure out what Google requires to allow you to feature on the first page of results. Before you reach for the brown paper bag to calm your nerves about your ability to keep up with your rivals, take a look at these tips to help your business become more visible online.

Spread The Love

If you are able to fill your website with high-quality content that your customer base can engage with, it’s vital that you make this shareable. If a customer reads a particularly inspiring, informative or useful post from your business blog, they may want to share it across their social media channels. It is up to you to make it easy for them to do this. By sharing your high-quality content socially, your brand is becoming more visible online and this may have an effect on how well your website performs with the Google algorithm.

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Meta Describe Everything

Meta descriptions are useful little-unseen pieces of text that let Google know what each page of your website is about. Along with title tags, they impact on the way Google ranks your website as you are making your brand appear more relevant. If title tags and meta descriptions make you break out into a cold sweat, consider looking into employing the expertise of a company that specialises in result oriented SEO services. These people are technical wizards at applying SEO strategies that enable your website to be seen by search engines and ranked highly. Outsourcing can enable you to concentrate on your larger business vision without having to worry about your company’s online visibility.

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Speed Is Of The Essence

Make sure that your website isn’t one of those slow, sluggish ones that load at a ridiculously slow pace. No one likes to be sat at a laptop screen twiddling their thumbs and wasting precious time. Many customers will get frustrated at the snail pace loading speed and will venture elsewhere before they have even caught a glimpse of your beautifully designed website and engaging content. Optimise your images, get them down to a manageable size and only use the plugins that you really need. A spritely site can see your traffic increase immeasurably and can enhance your brand’s visibility.

Make sure your business isn’t a timid and frightened entity, hiding its qualities behind a poorly designed and weakly keyworded website. Be bold and follow these tips to see your website become visible online.

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