Is Email As Vital To Your Business Startup As You Think?

Email addresses.

It sounds like a silly question at first doesn’t it? After all, everyone has email now, and it’s the primary way that customers can contact your business and employees can get in touch with one another within your organization. However, it is worth bearing in mind that while important, email isn’t the be all and end of all business communication. Read on to find out more.

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Time wasting

One of the reasons that you should think twice about using email for all business communications is the risk of wasting time. Yes, I know its a near instant form of communication. However, this doesn’t always mean its the best.

One way in which email drains time that is mentioned on is the issue of trying to consistently clear inboxes. This is a problem because employees can prioritize this task over more important actions, and they run the risk of being distracted as each individual email arrives and is announced with a ping.

Another way that email can cost your company time and money is when folks get too comfortable firing off emails to people sitting next to them rather than asking them about an issue face to face. This can really drain time because it can often take several emails to explain the situation fully and get clarification, whereas if they just turned around and spoke to the person in real life, the problem could be resolved almost instantly. Something that suggests an internal email ban, as reported at might just be the way forward.

Compatibility and reliability issues

Of course, emails are great for tracking the progress of a conversation and also for covering your butt, in case of any procedural issues. However, it is worth noting that as with all computer related things, reliability and compatibility can be an issue here.

After all, with the risk of viruses and hacking, as well as day to day functioning problems with your service provider it can be quite common for internet enabled systems to go down. That is why many companies choose to still use a fax machine, something that can cause a bit of a problem if you only work via email.

Luckily there is a solution out there, and you can check out for some more information on this. There you will find that they can help transform your iPhone or tablet into a free fax machine. Something that can allow you to maintain the order and organization of digital file like you would in an email while still being able to send in a format that your customers can receive.

Face to face communication is important for commercial relationships

Lastly, it’s vital to remember that while emails are great for many types of communication such as short messages, checking in with clients, and sending over contracts, sometimes only face to face contact will do.

After all, many commercial and sale successes are built on the relationship between the customers and provider. To achieve this successfully as is no easy task, and you will need to dedicate the time an and effort to the occasion face to face meeting.

Especially if you are trying to establish a long-term partnership in which your customer will make repeat orders. I’m not saying that email can’t be used here, and isn’t vital to staying in touch with your customers, it’s just that is should be used judiciously and in addition to real life contact and telephone calls for the best effect.

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