What Your Engineering Degree Can Do For You

Robot illustration.

When it comes to the primary and secondary industry sector, there’s an awful lot of money to be made. These days, a lot of the heavy industry jobs are in jeopardy. Yet there are a lot of positions out there looking for your sought after qualification, and therefore getting a job like this can open so many doors for you. There’s over 40 different types of engineering degrees, so if you can’t decide on what to do for your future career, or need a good career change, consider these. Here’s some of the more popular (and high paying) areas you can look into for obtaining an engineering degree.


Metal Work

Being a part of a field that’s so varied and versatile means there’s a lot of other professions you can serve whilst you’re at it. So one of the main areas you can find yourself working in is metal. It’s a part of core life in every domestic appliance, schools, and the office if you’re at one.

If you choose metal work as your specialised field, whether it be mixing, metallurgy, galvanizing, or that of refining the metalizing process, you can learn more about what’s  involved and whether it sounds like something that’s for you using the net, and be sure to explore all the possible options. A lot of hidden gems only need a bit of searching to be found; you’ll be the diamond in the rough yourself!

Oil Rigs

Working on an oil rig is actually quite a lucrative market, and there’s a lot of possible positions for you to fill. It’s a hard working job of course, and you’ll be surrounded by the same people for weeks or months on end, but it’s important for society and the environment.

You can even go into an oil rig position as one profession and come out as another. There’s a lot of experience to be gained, and that all stems from having your engineering degree in the first place.

Wiring Work

Knowing your electrical wires from the red ones that could set the bomb off in movies is a bit of a harder process than it first seems. You’re playing with a natural force that can be used for both good and bad. Sound dramatic? Well, it can get that way in the current job market. Overall, that means as an electrician, you’re in very high demand.

Be prepared to spend a lot of time in a work uniform. Electricians however are often on call 24/7, meaning you could have long hours and little down time. However, charges for non emergency calls pay some good recompense for this little stipulation.

Getting a career of your dreams doesn’t have to be a hard set battle. An engineering degree is a good field for someone to look into if you like servicing society at large. A lot of good people are getting stuck into these traditional jobs, no matter where they come from, because they’re lesser developed markets these days.

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