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There are only two types of directions in which your business could evolve: Either you grow, or you downsize. Except for some extremely specific situations where entrepreneurs choose to shrink to ditch less profitable areas, downsizing is always synonymous with loss of revenues and business issues. Upsizing, on the other hand, is a positive evolution that indicates that your business is looking to approach a wider audience and win large parts of the market. However, business expansion is a combination of elements: You need to take additional work projects to aim at a new or broader target group and ensure that further recruitment of newRead More →


Property, precious metals, stocks, shares….Bitcoin? The 2009-born crypto-currency has been stealthily gaining traction as an investment option for a few years now, to the point where it’s beginning to pique the interest of even the most bearish of investors. Where and how do you start with bitcoin investment? We take a walk through the basics here… What is Bitcoin? In case you’ve been living under a rock, Bitcoin is a counter currency created by an unknown person under the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Transactions are made online without reference to institutions such as banks – there’s no transaction fees and no identification, which has made itRead More →

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Nowadays, there are very few businesses where the hardware and software of their tech doesn’t play a huge role in their success. We’re digitizing more and more of our processes and many businesses rely on services delivered entirely using their tech. For these businesses, that tech is not only the key to their success but often the source of their downfall. Here are some of the major concerns you need to address if you’re one of the businesses that are perhaps a little too switched on for their own good. Photo Link The costs of computing Helpful as it is, it costs money. Should everythingRead More →

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Starting a business is tough – but if you think it is a struggle to get going, wait until you start to grow. There are a vast array of complicated issues involved with growing a business, and many of them materialize themselves in technology. Sure, you might think that tech is empowering to small businesses, and to an extent you are right. It saves you money, for a start – of that there is no doubt. And there are improved efficiencies, marketing benefits and a whole bunch of other benefits that make technology worthwhile for small businesses. The trouble is, business tech is a bigRead More →

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We live in a tech-powered world. There really is no doubt about that at this point. Thanks to computers, smartphones, and the internet, just about every moment of most people’s daily life is taken up with gadgets and screens. Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, technology helps us stay connected, learn, and work. And, of course, it’s technology has done some truly incredible things for the world of business. However, that doesn’t mean that things are always perfect, far from it. The truth is that when tech goes wrong, it can throw a serious spanner in the works for any business.Read More →

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Being in charge of your own fashion business means wearing different hats (pardon the pun) at the very outset. You need to work on every aspect of the company to get it up and running. This means overseeing the small details, from developing your brand to hiring the right employees, to making sure that the product is high quality. And for the creative type, learning how to run every small part of a business can be a baptism of fire, especially when it comes to the technical aspects. So what are the key technical aspects you need to think about when setting up this business?Read More →

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Image Source Communication is a centrally significant concern for any business, and entrepreneurs need to be aware of that. In-house interface ensures that the company is run as smoothly as possible. The way in which your business communicates with those outside the office walls is just as meaningful too, if not more so, as it influences public perception of the brand. Whenever and wherever it happens, communication is critical. Fortunately, there is plenty of software available which can aid you in ensuring that contact in your business is as strong and transparent as possible. Let’s look at how this can be done. Transfer All MeetingsRead More →

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We’ve all been there. You get into work with the best of intentions to find that pages won’t load, there’s a problem with the server or the data you spent ages working on yesterday has magically disappeared. We’re all reliant on technology today, but there’s no doubt that it can be both a blessing and a curse. If you run a business, here are some helpful hacks to make sure that your company reaps the rewards of investing in tech. Image from https://www.flickr.com/photos/jmarty/1804061993 Business analysis Do you frequently experience technical hitches? Are you spending too much money on IT and getting nothing in return? IfRead More →

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Digital marketing will always be one of the most important elements of any online business model. While most entrepreneurs happily pump time and money into their endeavors, many enter the arena with partly closed eyes. With over one billion active websites all competing for traffic, there’s no space for gambling. You need to know that your strategies will hit the mark time and time again. With these top tricks, that’s a certainty. Photo Credit Reach The Biggest Social Media Audience Social media has become a key player in the world of digital marketing. However, it can be difficult to work your entire market from one account.Read More →

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Generating an online income is one of the quickest and most convenient ways for people to make a living these days. It’s 2017, and with the technology and industries we have these days, there’s no real need for people to leave the house to earn money. Let’s talk about some super simple ways you could begin generating an online income: Create Your Own Blog or Vlog Creating your own blog or vlog is so easy these days. There are a ton of platforms you can choose from, and they are free to create! You can talk about anything you feel compelled to talk about too.Read More →