There’s no doubt that any business that wants to survive in the modern age has to embrace digital technology. Sure, there was a time when that kind of tech was only ever used by huge companies or niche, specialist organizations. But as the internet and the technology surrounding it became a fixture in just about everyone’s day to day life, businesses had to embrace it or risk getting left behind. This can often be tough for less tech savvy business owners. Whether you’re someone whose business predates these developments, and you don’t understand why you need them, or you’re something of a technophobe with noRead More →

Calculator for business expenses.

Business expenses can be good news in some respects. After all, they can be tax-deductible, and finding enough costs and expenses in your business can help you significantly reduce your tax bill. However, you still need to keep a limit on your expenses. If they get out of control, then you could run into some serious cash flow problems. Plus, they will only reduce the overall value of your company. So, whenever possible, it is important that you try and keep your business expenses down to a minimum. Not sure how you can reign in all your spending? Read on for some super handy tips!Read More →

Entrepreneur managing his team.

Being a manager – whatever industry you’re in – is never easy. It feels like it should be. You’re pretty much at the top of the tree; only the boss is in charge of you. You have freedom to create a working environment that lines up with your own vision. There’s no one breathing down your neck and as far as decisions go, your word is law. Sure, those are nice – but management is also stressful, exhausting, and complicated. You have to juggle the human needs of your staff with the productivity needs of the company. You have to be nice, but not tooRead More →

Accounting calculator.

Every new business has the same idea: introduce technology to lower the cost. Then, the company budget will be bigger and the firm will have more money to spend on expansion. After all, the right software will reduce the startup costs, right? For the most part, this statement is true, but there are times when it doesn’t work. And, that is a big deal, especially if you are struggling to keep the finances in the black. Thankfully, there are ways to tell when technology is pulling its weight and you can find them underneath. The Labour Bill Is Lower You might not know this, butRead More →

Corporate office stairs.

If you’ve just set up your company, then it’s a no-brainer that you should be leasing your office space. However, if you’ve overcome the initial teething problems and can show year on year growth, then you should be looking at building your own office space, a headquarters for your company. This isn’t the obvious answer; indeed, there’s a big debate as to whether owning, building, or leasing is the best option. However, for the ambitious company, there’s only one answer. It Shows Ambition The world’s biggest companies have offices all over the world, but they always own their base. Upping sticks and moving away fromRead More →

If you’re fed up of being stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfill you, and you’re not afraid of a lot of hard work and dedication; it might be time to start thinking if you have the talent to set up your own business. If you have a creative passion or skills in a particular area; think about whether you could make an impact on the competitive marketplace and begin running a company. It’s worth remembering that although you won’t be working the usual 9-5 for someone else; you will be working for yourself 24/7, especially in the crucial first year of business. The followingRead More →

Starting a small online business is perhaps one of the easiest ways to start out as an entrepreneur, as you can often achieve your goals with fewer resources and less start-up capital than is possible when stating a more traditional business. However, you will almost certainly still need some cash to get things going. If you think you have a great online start-up idea, and now it’s just a matter of finding the cash to set things in motion, here is a guide to some of the ways you may be able to raise start-up capital: Savings If you have any significant savings, you might beRead More →

People sitting writing brainstorming.

Pretty much everyone can relate to the frustration that often comes from working a typical nine to five job, especially if you’re not doing something that you find especially exciting. However, for a lot of people, that has simply been the only option when it comes to earning a decent living. After all, giving the choice between getting up early to work a boring job and not being able to afford a roof over your head, it’s hardly a difficult decision. That being said, over the last decade or so the options for careers outside of that typical mode have expanded hugely thanks to oneRead More →

Store front.

Becoming a small business owner is a hectic project to take on. There are so many different things that you need to consider before even attempting to make your first sale. Commercial property, overheads, branding, advertising, visual merchandising, web design, the list goes on. It’s not surprising then, that health and safety tends to slip from many business people’s minds. But as the old saying goes: safety first. Safety surrounding every part of your business should always be priority to ensure the good health and wellbeing of you, your employees, your customers and the general members of the public. Here are a few things toRead More →