Dude mac user. Quit wasting time on menial tasks a tech tool could do for you

Every Little Tech Helps

Every Little Tech Helps

We live at a time where it is difficult to imagine a regular business routine without the help of tech solutions to proceed to everyday tasks. From general communication processes with clients, partners and colleagues — aka emails — to maintaining a healthy market presence that informs and attracts future customers — aka your website —, the workplace environment is naturally built on technology. The main reason for it is that we, people, rely on the tech solutions in our everyday interactions; we have become multitasking tech-savvy productive machines. However, while the focus is always set on the use of digital technology, there is very little room given to targeted niche tools that serve only one function. A one-task only tool might seem like a waste of technology, at first. But there are single tasks in the workplace that need to run smoothly and efficiently in the background. You know the kind of tasks: It’s about the menial details that nobody thinks about but that can make all the difference. There’s a way to handle these: Every little tech helps.

Picture: Quit wasting time on menial tasks a tech tool could do for you

Little tech solutions for the office

Picture the situation. You’re sitting at your desk, preparing a pitch for a potential client when finally you receive the PDF you were waiting for. Except that you’d like to personalize the PDF to your client’s business to get the edge over the competition. But how do you change a PDF without an expensive designer licence? The first solution if you’ve got an apprentice in the workplace is to ask them to copy the info and design into a Word document and then turn it into a PDF. This could take an entire day or more deênding on the length of the document. Or, you could save yourself some time and convert PDF to Word document with an online tool that does the job for you. Then all you need is to adjust the business name and make the content relevant to your client.

Little tech solutions on the go

Working on the go is not uncommon for consultant, sale reps and entrepreneurs. Of course, digital tech allows you to do just that, but it can only work as well as your gadgets do. A quality charger for your laptop, combined with portable keyboards for tablets and smartphones, can ease your work routine while traveling. And why not add a navigation system that projects your maps onto the windscreen of your car, for effective and safe driving?

Little tech solutions for your clients

The majority of websites present a WAQ — wished for asked questions — instead of an FAQ page. In reality, FAQ pages are only useful if they answer your visitors’ questions, instead of promoting your brand. Consequently, a preferred approach is the implementation of a search function linked to your FAQ content. Quick and effective keyword search can help users make the most of your online info, and turn your FAQ page into SEO-friendly and useful content. Besides this method enables you to monitor visitors’ search and create the content they need.

Bringing into your work environment the little techs that can support your tasks in the office, on the go and with regards to audience interactions gives your business a competitive boost. After all, who wouldn’t trust a company that has every detail sorted out perfectly?

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