Most expensive divorce in history: 1 billion dollars

The divorce check of almost 1billio dollars
The divorce check of almost 1billio dollars

The divorcée who scoffed at a $974.8 million check she received from her oil-tycoon ex-husband finally deposited the enormous sum into a bank account Thursday, the billionaire mogul’s lawyer told The Post.
Sue, 56, had initially refused to accept the amount and demanded more from ex-husband Harold Hamm, who is estimated to be worth $13.5 billion.

But on Thursday, Hamm’s lawyer, said he received word from Morgan Stanley that his ex-wife opened an account and deposited the check. The wife had argued that she was worth more than the measly $974.8 million because she was not only a loyal wife but an executive for Hamm’s firm and used her skills as a lawyer and economist to help it thrive.

This video from CNN illustrates the story.

If you were given a one billion dollar check, would you take the money and run or appeal it?

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