Finding It Hard to Close Online Leads? Read the Below Guide

Hit the target of leads.

Business in recent years has moved towards online marketing and direct communication, and – according to some industry experts – it has reduced the ability of marketers to create personal relationships with customers. The possibilities brought by marketing automation made it much easier to target a whole lot of people, at the same time making it much more impersonal. I can explain. I have a love-hate relationship with marketing tools, specially the customization and targeting possibilities. Being able to target a group of people of a certain age, demography and location is great and all, but at this point leads already know that they are being targeted through a few customized email tracks tailored really to anybody like them.

Buyers like CIO, CMOs, CTOs, etc… already know that and the convenience of content emails sent to them everyday get confused by the amount of emails from all sides, and that’s what I hate. It’s great receiving information, but who has time for a full mailbox. It’s great getting insights on your mailbox, just not when the decision has already been made.

There are, however, several ways you can stay connected with your potential buyers, and closing the deals without having to waste time and money on meeting people who have no intention to buy from you. If you would like to improve your online and offline conversion rates, you should check out the below tips to make it happen.

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Create an Effective Sales Funnel

One of the main benefits of modern technology is that it can help you guide your visitors through the sales channel. Creating an effective online marketing sales funnel will help you stay in touch with your potential customers and communicate, personalize, and promote your offers. You should get in touch with a marketing professional to help you design your sales funnels and make sure that you convert more leads into sales.  

Set Up a Thank You Page

Sometimes simple courtesy pays off, too. If you offer a download for your new subscribers, thank them for trusting you with their information, and give them more information on how they can make the most out of the product they just got, and how they can take their experience even further by purchasing one of your products. Always be polite, and personalize all the messages whenever possible.

Customer Management Systems

A customer management system or CMS can help you make the most out of your marketing, and provide you with important information about your potential customers, including their preferences, their main problems, and even the device they are using to tailor your messages to their needs. You can send out promotions or ask for feedback on your free product, and even provide support on the internet, so you can close your warm leads before they would go cold.

Lead Management

If you would like to manage your leads even better, there are several open-source cloud-based lead management systems available. With their help, you could set up reminders for yourself when to send out an update, call your leads, or even offer a discount or free trial. A lead management system will help you ensure that you are not missing any sales opportunities.

Follow-up Sequences

To automate your online marketing, you will need to tailor the messages to different customer segments. Create a different autoresponder sequence for your leads who have signed up for your free offer, people who are subscribed to your RSS feed and blog updates, and the cold leads as well. This way, you can deliver the right message to all your potential leads, and increase your conversion rates.

Offer Free Consultation

To avoid missing sales, you will need to create an offer that includes a free initial consultation. Whether you’re willing to travel to the client’s offices or meet up in a cafe, you will need to arrive prepared. If you would like to save money and reduce your carbon footprint, however, you might want to offer a free report or Skype, Google Hangouts meeting that will help you establish personal relationships and connect with your leads on a personal level. As an alternative, when you have loads of unclosed leads, you can invite your potential customers to attend a free webinar.  

Intelligent Data Analytics

Today, companies that use data can create a competitive advantage on any marketplace. The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert in statistics, and there are several online tools that will help you track your visitors and analyze their behavior. Take advantage of survey sites, and collect feedback from potential and current customers. Find ways of improving your communication and building meaningful customer relationships in the future.

Multiple Communication Channels

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It is also important that you offer your leads with multiple ways of connecting with you and asking questions, so they can make up their mind easier. If you have a Facebook business page, ask them to connect with your brand, and ask them to sign up for your different social media accounts. If you have a web chat account on your website, communicate the service hours and the approximate time it would take to get back to customers. Create a FAQ page, so your potential customers can make an informed decision faster.

Make That Call

Sometimes all it takes to close a lead is picking up the phone. If you are too shy to pick up the phone, you will need to work on your confidence. However, you could also employ a sales closing team to follow up your leads for a commission. No matter which route you go down, you will need to ensure that you are not missing the opportunity to sell to your market. If you would like to learn more about sales closing techniques, click here for more information and find out how to avoid the most common reasons of customer cancellations.  

Offer a Support Helpline and Callback

It is also important that you prove to your potential customers that you are a reliable business owner, and they can get the support they need after they buy. Offer a callback to people interested in signing up for your services or purchasing one of your products. This way, you can make them feel safe about buying from you. When running an online business, gaining trust is one of the most challenging tasks of marketers.

Whether you are a business consultant or offer personalized diet plans for your online visitors, closing the sale will make all the difference. You can quickly improve your conversion rates by paying attention to the needs, wishes, and preferences of your target market. Take advantage of the latest technology, track your online visitors, as well as your existing customers, so you can find the best channels to use when marketing to them. Implement a lead management system, so you never miss an opportunity to turn a lead into a loyal customer.


Max Francisco has been doing digital projects in Brazil and the US for the last 15 years.