Fun Online Games to Try Your Hand At

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Nowadays, it seems like everyone’s trying to promote their games by highlighting the educational benefits that can come from playing them. We’re sold brain training games on the premise that we’ll lower our brain age and keep mentally fit. We are encouraged to play puzzle games while being told that we will dramatically increase our mathematical skills and problem solving abilities. We are invited into online casinos to boost our knowledge of chance. But sometimes we just want to play games for, well… the fun of it. Isn’t that what games should mainly be about in the first place?

Casual games

A casual game is a video game targeted at or used by casual gamers. Casual games may exhibit any type of gameplay or genre. One example of a casual game isHeroes of the Storm. They are typically distinguished by simple rules and by reduced demands on time and learned skill, in contrast to more complex hardcoregames. Microsoft even has a portal dedicated only to casual games like Angry Birds and such.

Bike Games

Now, generally speaking, when it comes to vehicle games, cars tend to be leading the way in popularity. Various games have been released by the Need For Speed franchise, there are several versions of GTR, and Gran Turismo proves ever popular with each addition to the Gran Turismo series. But there are other fun vehicle games out there too! Especially if you start searching online. Take a look at bike games for a wide variety of options, including racing bike games, dirt bike games, BMX games, stunt bike games, and bike games for kids too!

Thrill Games

It may sound a little odd, but a surprising number of people like to feel a little scared as long as they’re in a safe environment. This explains why horror movies are so popular. People want entertainment that affects them. That makes them think and can catch them off guard. They also want a resolution at the end of the session. Now, horror films are extremely effective at achieving this. But they’re not the only option out there for those of us who want something that will keep them on the edge of their seat. There are thrill games too! There are so many horror games that you can play online. Slenderman is perhaps one of the best-known options out there. Originally a character from online forum CreepyPasta, Slenderman is a faceless fictional character who doesn’t actually do anything than randomly spawn in various locations. His creator, Eric Knudson, claimed that he wanted to create an ominous character “whose motivations can barely be comprehended and causes general unease and terror.” This is perhaps why Slender: The Eight Pages proves so effective in making you jump. In gameplay, you simply walk around collecting pages that have been scattered around a given location. Slenderman then spawns randomly in particular places, accompanied by static and brilliant audio, throwing you off guard. While you cannot technically beat Slenderman (as he isn’t actually doing anything other than providing thrilling jump scares), if you do manage to collect eight pages, a “thanks for playing” message appears, and a new mode is unlocked.

Now, these are just two types of games that are out there on the web to try out, but they are certainly ones that will keep your mind occupied! So, search the web, give them a go and see how you get along with them!

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