There is so much negative press about gaming and how sustained screen time affects our health in a bad way, it’s easy to overlook the benefits. Gaming has evolved considerably since it became a “thing” in the 1980’s and the realistic graphics and game play is beginning to blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality. This may be seen as a negative, although it does improve the overall experience of gaming. Surprisingly there are benefits to gaming and this article aims to explore them. The popularity of gaming shows no signs of declining. Games are experienced through consoles, PC’s, portable consoles and smartphones. Gaming PC’sRead More →

Anyone who is trying to establish themselves as a God, or Goddess, of gaming, will understand that this is a process. There are certain things you can do that will help you get the best possible outcome from your gaming. You want to improve your gameplay experience and impress your friends and family members in the process. The video games industry is huge at the moment, and it only seems to be getting bigger every year. Picture When you play games, you will need to have certain bits of kit, such as the console, the games, and the controllers. But, you also need to makeRead More → So, you have decided that you want to turn your passion and hobby into a business? If you are thinking about setting up a gaming website, there is a lot that needs to be considered. There are many websites out there today for gamers, and so you need to do all in your power to stand out from the crowd. With that in mind, read on to discover the key mistakes you need to avoid. Not figuring out your gaming niche – Simply creating a gaming website for the sake of it is never a good idea. You need to figure out your niche.Read More →

If you are new to online gaming, then you are what is know as a newbie or noob. Sadly there is a certain amount of stigma that comes along with this label that you will wish to avoid or at least shed as soon as possible. Of course, the best way to do so is to get as much information and practice in concerning your chosen game as possible. Something you can fi out more about how to do in the post below. Do pick something that looks fun. First of all, to shed your noob status as quickly as possible you will want toRead More →

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Gone are the days we plugged in a keyboard and floppy disk to play lemmings on our Atari. Actually, they are now retro gaming collectables, and maybe somewhere out there right now someone is digging a little lemming hole in a bid for freedom. Then came the rise of the consoles, spending hours playing with your siblings or friends. Suddenly the graphics were better and online gaming was an option and what was once an activity for up to 4 people, suddenly became a way to connect to the world. Gaming got as big as it ever would – it is now global and connectingRead More →

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It’s hard not to reminisce and think of your upbringing when you look at kids growing up nowadays. With the amount of technology around us and how quickly its evolving, it’s tough to keep up. Utah is adopting ‘free-range’ parenting and, more so, the controversy leading up to it shows how the world has changed and our views of it alongside it. Letting your kids out to play without supervision, a couple of miles away from home, with only the assurance that your kids will make their way home ‘when the streetlights come on’; it seems such different world from where we find ourselves now.Read More →


It seems possible to make money doing anything online. People are managing their investment portfolios, making a living off YouTube and other ventures that make a career from your computer a very real possibility. Image: Pxhere It’s no surprise then that more and more people are making money from gaming. Gaming has lost its stigma, meaning it’s becoming more socially acceptable to game – opening up some great money-making opportunities. So can you really make money from gaming? Let’s find out. Twitch Twitch is a platform which allows people to watch and stream online game playing. Now that online multiplayer gaming has become so popular,Read More →

(image)   In years gone by, there were certain stigmas attached to playing video games. Mainly enforced by parents, teachers, and the media, there were some so-called truths spread about the medium.   Video games are bad for you Video gaming is geeky Video games cause violent behaviour   And so on and so on. Now, admittedly, there can be some notion of truth. The naysayers, while going over the top, had reason to label the negative effects of video games. Those teenagers who sat in their rooms playing games nearly 24/7 were putting their health at risk. Gaming was a niche medium for aRead More →

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Picture Credit Nowadays, it seems like everyone’s trying to promote their games by highlighting the educational benefits that can come from playing them. We’re sold brain training games on the premise that we’ll lower our brain age and keep mentally fit. We are encouraged to play puzzle games while being told that we will dramatically increase our mathematical skills and problem solving abilities. We are invited into online casinos to boost our knowledge of chance. But sometimes we just want to play games for, well… the fun of it. Isn’t that what games should mainly be about in the first place? Bike Games Now, generallyRead More →

Image via Pixabay You could make a really compelling argument that video games are one of the most dynamic artforms to come about over the entire course of human history. Seriously, think about it. From ancient fireside tales which relied entirely on the imagination of the listeners, to the more in-depth world of novels, and finally TV and film, no other method of storytelling has managed to be truly interactive in the way that gaming is. In that sense, it’s more like stepping into a world of adventure, rather than glancing into it. The weird and wonderful status of gaming isn’t just limited to story-drivenRead More →