The Hands-Off Entrepreneur: Building A Marketing Team

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There comes a point for all entrepreneurs when they have to acknowledge they need a little help. No entrepreneur can allow themselves to be isolated in their business; the need for reliable and trustworthy employees is a basic requirement when your business has reached a certain size.

Successful entrepreneurs should know that they’ll have to assemble a team to ensure their business is able to continue to thrive. In this post, we’re going to focus on a specific team— a team that is more important to your business efforts than you may initially think: your marketing team. By building a reliable marketing team, you can be sure that your business can grow and expand at the rate you desire.

The types of marketing experts you should hire

To begin with, smaller businesses tend to just hire one marketing executive, which is more than suitable for a starter. However, if you have a budget for a larger team, then this is definitely an instance of “the more the merrier”. Marketing is a specialty just like IT or PR, so the more comprehensive you are able to be with your hiring practices, the better.

Remember: there are many different types of marketing, so you have to try and hire a specialist manager for each area. You may want to separate out the job roles, so you have a social media manager, an affiliate marketing manager, a digital marketing manager, and so on and so forth. Hiring to this depth of specialization is incredibly beneficial, and ensures that each area of marketing is going to obtain the attention to detail it deserves. Specialist managers are able to do a more comprehensive job, keep abreast of the recent trends in their industry, avoid common mistakes, and — ultimately — deliver better results.

The personality blend

When you are hiring any kind of team, it’s important that you are careful with the types of personalities you hire, but this is a particularly important assessment when putting together a marketing team.

The reason for this is simple: marketing attracts big personalities. If you look at any job description for a marketing executive or manager, then you’ll see requirements for “lively personalities” or “out-of-the-box thinkers”. As a result of the basic nature of the job, marketing doesn’t tend to attract introverts, and this article lists an “outgoing personality” as the second most important character trait of a successful marketer.

Due to this, you have to very carefully select personality types, or you could be facing a nasty clash. If everyone in your marketing team is bold, brash, and outgoing, then you could find that cohesion in the team is difficult to maintain. When recruiting, try and keep in mind the balance of the team, potentially selecting a few quieter, more studious workers to help balance out the big personalities.

Final thoughts

Building a marketing team is all about the blend of people. Ideally, you want a team of specialists — so you can be confident no stone will go unturned — and a careful mix of personalities. If you keep these two important requirements in mind, then your marketing team should be able to help push your business to the next level.

An ideal enterprise marketing team for a larger company might look like this:

Marketing Leader

  • Content Manager
  • Web Manager
  • Paid Acquisition Manager
  • Marketing Ops Manager (Automation & Analytics)
  • Marketing Lifecycle Manager
  • Social Media & PR Manager
  • Event & Campaign Manager


Whereas a marketing team for a small business might have one or two people doing mainly the following.

  • Web / Paid Marketing/ Social Media are usually tied together.
  • And Events & PR activities usually fall under the same person too.
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