Zeros, ones and keyboard.

We’ve all been there before, you’re at work trying to get things done, but your computer is just unbelievably slow. Literally, it sometimes feels like you waste half the day waiting for your PC to do something so incredibly simple. It’s annoying because it makes you unproductive, and that’s something no entrepreneur ever wants to be. The only good thing is that slow computers are usually only slow for a reason. Therefore, find out the cause, and you can speed your PC up once more. Speaking of which, here are a few possible reasons your work computer is painfully slow: There Are Too Many FilesRead More →

Hard drive being used.

  Technology plays a significant role in everyone’s life. Whether you are a business owner or a gamer, a hard drive is essential to your needs. The problem is that a piece of hardware like an HDD is not a simple purchase if you are not a connoisseur of technology. Mix that with the way sales reps throw jargonistic terms in your direction, and it can be a hard sale to make. Because a hard drive can affect everything from power to security, it is a good idea to find a solution as soon as possible. To help with that, below are four things toRead More →