Here’s How To Shed Your Noob Gaming Status, Quick!

Here’s How To Shed Your Noob Gaming Status, Quick!

If you are new to online gaming, then you are what is know as a newbie or noob. Sadly there is a certain amount of stigma that comes along with this label that you will wish to avoid or at least shed as soon as possible. Of course, the best way to do so is to get as much information and practice in concerning your chosen game as possible. Something you can fi out more about how to do in the post below.

Do pick something that looks fun.

First of all, to shed your noob status as quickly as possible you will want to pick something to play online that is fun for you. Yes, this means you, not what your friends play, because you can make friends online through the games themselves. However, if you don’t get a good match for your interests and gaming style, it’s unlikely that you will play for long.


For example, those that are into the science fiction and fantasy genres may suit online MMORPGs like Oblivion and WOW best. However, those folks that are looking for a thrill and an element of chance in their gaming might do better by picking sites like Bitcoin Rush to use instead. Especially as such sites often include a selection of games of change, including live sports wagering.

After all, if you don’t enjoy the game itself, you are unlikely to put in the hours and effort you will need to progress, and that means it will be practically impossible to shed your noob status.

Don’t expect to be great straight away.

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Even though you aim is to shed your new status as quickly as possible you will have to accept that there will be a time where you are not playing at the level that you would ideally like to be.  

Remember though that this is important too because this is the time in which you allow yourself to learn the rules of the game and perfect your technique.

Of course, there are often cheats that can get you to progress quicker, but master gamers always promote that you grind those levels yourself, as it will benefit you in the long run.

Do look online for help and advice.

Next, something that can help to progress as quickly from noob to master as soon as possible is to look online for help and advice. Luckily, you will find plenty of both in the form of blog posts, forum posts, and even videos online.

Just be careful of advertising yourself as a noob on some of these sites though, because as with every other online platform not everyone is honest and out to do you good.


In fact, there are often stories about newbie players being taken advantage of or ripped off concerning in-game purchases from third parties. To that end, it’s usually a much better idea to seek help and advice from those to at around the same level as you and to be careful when giving out any details for payments if you are new to the genre, no matter how much you want to level up and shed you noob status.


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