Pexels Our identities are the one thing that we need to function in the societal space, perhaps more than anything else. Even with no funds in our pockets, our identities will always be there. Your identity can help you cross borders, prove yourself for financial matters, help you authorize your personal security situations among many other things. It’s so integral to our daily lives that we forget just how much of our lives is dictated by recorded information about our existence. This is precisely why this can be so valuable for people who are interested in stealing this from you, masquerading as you in multipleRead More →

In the narrow alleys of Bellandur I was awakened by the steps of people outside and the chit chat and hustle of the start of the day in India. Before sunrise, it’s usually real quiet and you can hear the cars going fast at the closest highway and the occasional noise of cars nearby. But as the sun rises the noise increases as it does the amount of people on the streets. My buddy Srinavasan and I ate some of his moms food and off we went to work that sunny day in Bengaluru. The dust and the heat mix together in such a wayRead More →