How To Keep Your Company’s Computer System Secure

Zeros, ones and keyboard.

Whether you’ve just started your own business, or you’ve just taken to the computerised option of working, it’s important that you know all of the facts so that you and your staff can effectively do the work you need to without any compromises. Unfortunately, there are still people out there that want to hack and steal from businesses, and if they are successful they can potentially cause you to shut down all operations, especially if they get hold of personal information and display it to the tabloids. Luckily, there are some steps that you could take to ensure that your company’s computer systems are secure and you and your staff can get on with your work.


The first thing that you should be considering is giving yourself and your staff the necessary training to use the programs and webpages that you require to complete your jobs. It might seem like a trivial task especially if you’re well read on it, but for someone who hasn’t done it before, it would greatly benefit them and also prevent any chance of them stumbling across pages that are insecure and could invite hackers into your systems. Even if it’s you who provides the training, at least you can rest assured that your staff know what they should and shouldn’t be doing.


If something goes wrong with either a piece of hardware or software on your systems, it’s always best to let the professionals come in and fix the problem for you. Prosyn, a top IT consulting firm promise to get back to you within 2 hours of contacting them, meaning that you will be back up and running in no time at all. Having a company available like this means that you’re eliminating as much risk possible of losing out on valuable time to make money for your company.


If you’ve not already got an antivirus system on your computer, then this is the first thing that you should do for the whole of your company’s computer systems. It might be a wise idea to opt for an antivirus company that charges you for extra services, just to ensure that no one is getting through and infecting your computers. More importantly, any confidential information you have stored will be safe from prying eyes.

Common sense

Lastly, many people fail to use their common sense when it comes to using a computer. Hackers have thousands of ways that they can access your files with, and it can be caused by one simple misclick. If something seems too good to be true it probably is, so avoid clicking on it. Also, make sure that your staff are only visiting web pages that are to do with their work to avoid any risk of hackers gaining entry to your systems. Always logout of programs, and close web pages that contain personal information as soon as you’re done with it. Doing this will ensure that your company’s computer system is safe and secure.

Just a regular computer user. I write for regular users like me. When we grow up we are taught basic security tips like how to cross the street. But we are not taught how to take care of ourselves online.