How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

The advent of flexible working means that we no longer have to spend the long August days with sweaty backs stuck to a leather office chair, sweating profusely as we try to send important emails and ensure we don’t look too shiny when appearing via video link on a conference call with a discrete floor fan blowing conspicuously in the background. We can now enjoy working from the comfort of our own home, whether that’s in a fully equipped study, lounging at the dining table or sat on the couch in front of the TV. Agile working allows us to situate ourselves anywhere so long as we are as productive as we can be.

The summer months don’t just take their toll on the workplace but also on our homes. How often have you already had the windows wide open at night and the covers off as you’ve tried to sleep at night this summer? It’s vital that we try to keep our homes as cool as possible to ensure that we can carry out our work in the most efficient manner without losing momentum. Take a look at these tips to prevent you from overheating this season.

Close Your Curtains

You never want to appear hermit like and anti-social, but by closing your curtains, you can keep the worst of the heat out. Your gut will tell you to open the curtains, open the windows and let the sunlight stream through your house. All this is achieving is allowing hot air to circulate around your home. You will be left with the heat of the sun creating a sauna-like effect within your property. By shutting out the sun between midday and three in the afternoon, you are preventing the hottest part of the day from inflicting the worst heat into your home.



If you are the sort of person who has a dozen fans of all shapes and sizes adorning the rooms of your humble abode, you may want to employ this nifty little trick. Most of the time your fan will circulate lukewarm air. However, if you place a bowl of heavily iced water in front of every fan, the ice will evaporate, and your fans will circulate a much cooler air.

If your fans are starting to test your patience and the heat really is preventing you from doing your work effectively, you’ll need to consider bringing in the big guns. By hiring a specialist HVAC contractor to install the most appropriate air conditioning system into your home, you’ll never have to think about hooking up your fans again. You’ll be able to slip into a work routine and set your air con timers accordingly, so your home never has the chance to heat up on those sweltering summer days.

Don’t Add To The Heat

When considering your evening meals throughout the summer, it may not be wise to opt for your homemade spicy Thai green curry that requires every hob and oven to be on for at least three hours. Choose salads or cold cuts, or if you do fancy something hot, get out the barbeque and enjoy some al fresco dining, leaving your home free from any extra heat.

Come bath or shower time, it’s important that you don’t whack the power shower on full blast to make your bathroom look like a Swedish steam room. The added heat will permeate through the house, and you will come out of the shower needing another one because you will sweat so much attempting to acclimatize. Stick to short, cool showers that allow you some rest bite from the sticky environment.

Use Your Garden

To have the ultimate summer working from home experience, it’s ideal to head out into the garden, find a bit of shade and use your wifi to hook up to your work intranet. If this isn’t doable this season because your outdoor space is a sun trap, consider planting trees and shrubs that are fast growing and will generate shade for next year. With the appropriate planting, you could create the perfect outdoor area from which to have a video call with your boss or work on that presentation.

Summer is the most enjoyable season with its long hours of natural daylight and opportunities to work from home sat in the garden. Ensure that you utilize some of these tips to create the ideal working environment that will enable you to work productively rather than wishing your summer away.

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