Keeping Communications Safe – A Primer


Running a business well demands a certain amount of good sense. While you might have had bosses in the past that have made you question this notion, it doesn’t reverse the truth of the matter. In order to function well as a business, you need to take into account a wide array of variables that could possibly come together and ruin the possibility of your continual functioning, and your ability to function well.

Keeping communications secure is one of these issues that needs your continual attention. Communications are a vital part of business functioning, and if it’s not handled correctly you can really experience some trouble. The following lists what this trouble is, and how you can prevent it:

Physical Threats

When it comes to physical mail, sometimes being safer is more important than being responsive. But what if you could have both of these? New online post office box services are here to allow you the uniform security of ensuring your letters are well screened before opening, but the address of your company need not be given out for support issues and requests. This means that defending yourself in a world of online information accessibility is a little more easy, because not all business leaders desire to have their office location broadcast over the internet.


Speaking on candid terms about sensitive topics relating to your business is something you arguably do not want to see surface and make the light of day. Corporate espionage is a real thing, and hackers are becoming more and more refined in their methods to access this form of sensitive information. This is why utilizing VPN’s, or secure email services such as Protonmail can allow for an encrypted and completely secure method of discussing sensitive topics. While the standard physical face to face business meeting will always trump anything else in the matter of conserving privacy, you can be sure that this method allows for a freer and yet more relaxing method of secure communication.

Vetting Staff

Sometimes online threats aren’t the only issues that can occur. Sometimes, employees aren’t calibrated in a way that has the health of your firm in mind, despite you maybe being more than reasonable with their salary and general expectations of work. This is why it’s so important to vet staff upon their entry to your firm, even if they seem completely accredited. Check to make sure their college degree is authentic, and call around their previous employers.

Some businesses require credit checks before accepting someone into their firm, and this can be completely in your right to do so. If you’re manufacturing children’s products, or you have public ambassadors to your firm, then ensuring they are fully checked within your child protective local authority can ensure that your business is stocked with only the most deserving and trustworthy of individuals. Checking a history in this manner can prevent the most insidious motivations of financial, social dominance or other horrors from taking place.

With these tips, keeping communications safe will become second nature.

Just a regular computer user. I write for regular users like me. When we grow up we are taught basic security tips like how to cross the street. But we are not taught how to take care of ourselves online.