What does LifeLock do?

What does LifeLock do?

Lifelock Logo LifeLock has a few good features that make it the best identity theft protection service. The proactive protection monitors your credit applications and file sharing networks, with the ability to detect, alert and restore.

Notification and verification.
At the center of all LifeLock services is the patented LifeLock Identity Alert® system.† We will send you a potential fraud alert by text, phone or email*. If you confirm that the suspicious transaction is fraudulent, your LifeLock team is on it.

Proactive Protection
Proactive protection designed to help protect against identity fraud.

Extra Protection
Extra protection including bank account activity alerts† and data breach notifications.

Our Best Protection
Our most comprehensive identity theft protection.

Protection designed specifically for children. Only available with adult membership.

Free backup storage of important cards. PLUS LifeLock® identity protection services for members.

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