Little Things To Remember When Setting Up A Home Office

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When you set up your first home office, it can be difficult to remember everything you need. Of course, the big stuff, like your desk, your chair, and your computer, are pretty obvious, but there’s lots of important little stuff that isn’t as easily remembered. When you’re just starting your own business, you might not see these little things as very important, but they will make your life a whole lot easier if you remember them. Here’s a short list of thing that you can’t forget.

Extension Lead

One of the biggest downsides to a home office is lack of plug sockets; After all, most rooms in a house have four plug sockets at the most. You will need this many at the very least, and the ones in the room may not be in the most convenient place. To remedy this, you need to make sure to get an extension lead with a few extra sockets, so that you have a little more freedom.


When you work from home, you might not see the point of having a kettle and tea or coffee things in your office, as you can simply pop into the kitchen to make a drink. However, every time you do this, you will break your flow, and make it much harder to get back into a productive mindset. It makes much more sense to make your drinks in your office, and only leave when you are going for a break or need the bathroom.

Ink & Toner

Every office needs a printer; Even if you want to go paperless, there will still be important documents that you will want a hard copy of. However, just because you’ve remembered to get a printer, it doesn’t mean that you’ve remembered to get spare ink and toner cartridges. The last thing that you want is to run out of ink when printing something important, so be sure that you’ve always got spares.

Paper Shredder

There is going to be important documents that you need to print off, but there will also be important documents that you are going to need to shred. Anything sensitive or confidential can’t just be thrown straight into a recycling bin, it needs to be destroyed, so a shredder is a must-have unless you want to spend hours ripping up papers by hand.

Some of your customers or companies that you work for might require that you are able to shred and keep private important information from falling in the wrong hands.


You’ve probably already thought about filing cabinets for your documents, but what about storage for everything else in your office? You don’t want pens, pencils, sticky notes, business cards, paper clips, and other supplies littering your desk all the time, so consider installing some shelves and getting a desk tidy and some pen cups.

Digital Storage

As you set up a home office, and given the amount of work you have, it will be necessary to store all that digital information in a place where you can retrieve it anytime you need. A good idea is having both local storage and cloud storage always available.

For Cloud Storage, try

There may be even more than this list that you haven’t thought of, but these are the essentials that you likely haven’t thought of. Without them, your life is going to be a lot harder, and you’ll find yourself becoming less and less productive, which is the last thing that you want when you’re trying to run a successful business.

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