Are You Lonesome Tonight? The Pros & Cons Of Working By Yourself

Lego worker at the office.


Some people love it, some people cannot bear the idea of it, working by yourself can be helpful for some, but a hindrance for others. But when it comes to making a career for yourself, are there some types of careers or businesses that work well for the budding entrepreneur or just people who are looking for a way to work by themselves? Let’s examine the pros and cons and what works well for the wannabe loner.

The Pros

When you’re on your own, there are no distractions, and if you’re great at managing your workload, you can make a successful career of lone working, whether you are at home, or are out in a truck. The life of a trucker may be a great lifestyle for others, but not for the budding entrepreneur. The people that are looking for a career working for themselves in this respect may be better going for a social media manager or blogger-type role. The other great thing about working in this type of career is that there are minimal business expenses and your lifestyle costs are kept down. For those people who would rather get out and about with their job, a job like a technician would be a suitable career option. An HVAC technician goes around fixing ventilation and cooling systems in various buildings, and more info on HVAC technician job can be found at this link. But the idea of being on the road for most of the day appeals to a lot of people. For those people who love the idea of being by themselves and can work successfully at it, there are some great jobs out there, not just the standard haulage type jobs, but the lucrative social media positions available nowadays.

The Cons

Yes, as with any job working by yourself, there are some inevitable downsides. The one big factor is motivation. If you are unable to motivate yourself, then you can struggle under your own gumption (or lack thereof). Alone time means you have the sole responsibility of the specific task to be completed and so there is unlikely to be help along the way, especially if you opt for a career with unsociable hours. The other big thing to think about is that if you are spending a lot of time by yourself, are you okay with this? There are people who love their own company and would rather be alone for the vast majority of the time, but is this healthy? And if you are seriously considering a career option like this, do you think you would be able to cope? Long hours alone can be a demanding task for anyone, so it’s vital to think about how it can impact you on a personal level.

Working alone is a suitable career option for a lot of people, but it’s not for everyone. You need to think carefully about this line of work. And while there are calls for security guards, social media managers, graphic designers, and even professional Netflix watchers, do you have the personality that suits working by yourself? Take some time alone to think about it.

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